An Arctic Berry facial for an Arctic Type of Day

Happy Tuesday!! Today has been a crazy run around day for me and I am looking forward to the end of the day. Who else feels the same way. I think I only sat the whole day when I was driving and my little lunch break (shared on Instagram stories) for about 15 minutes. This preggo mama's feet are DONE! 

A few weeks ago I received a facial from Relax the Spa, called Exotic Arctic Berry Peptide Specialized Facial. Say that ten times Fast! Morgan was my Esthetician and she did such an amazing job explaining all the details to me and what products were being used. 


I am someone who struggles with dry, dull skin in the winter months and pores that want to get larger like my ever growing belly. Not something any of us ladies want to have to deal with. When I booked the facial I really was not sure of the outcome as I had never received this specific facial prior and just sort of picked one that sounded good for my skin. 

The facial on the site is described below: "A deeply oxygenating and brightening treatment ideal for fatigued, pigmented and aging skins.  Complexion will appear completely revitalized and firm while pores become tightened and refined.  Helps with cellular repair and nourishes the skin combining botanical stem cells, hylauronic acid and retinol alternatives."

It left my skin so soft, with color and a glow that even pregnancy could not put forth. The skincare line that Morgan used on me was called Eminence and I really loved it! The last facial I received, the esthetician also used this skin care line and my skin reacted so well to it. Typically any kind of exfoliating peel will burn or irritate my skin, however this one did not. This organic line  is one I would highly recommend. The spa sells it right in house. The prices range on all products with some being pricier than others but you absolutely get what pay for. Plus the skin care line is organic and so natural for you. If you want some more details on this specific line you can read up on it here.


So lets talk oils. I am a BIG, BIG fan of them and use them on my girls or diffuse them almost every night. Relax has their own essential oil blend and I am OBSESSED!!!! The smell is that perfect blend of refreshing lemon, lavender, rosemary and geranium. They have used it every time I have received a service and it just so calm and relaxing to inhale. Hence the name! I always tell myself to buy a bottle when I go and I always forget when I leave. Next visit I am not leaving without that bottle! :)


If you saw my Instagram stories I took a poll to see who would prefer a facial or massage if you had the opportunity to visit the spa. Well I have teamed up with Relax to not only give away a $100 gift card, but also a gift card for a friend! Yes, two $100 giftcards!! How fun would that be to have a girls day out, or a special someone for a couples massage? All you have to do to enter is leave a comment below, or on my facebook page of what service you would choose if you won. Contest ends Friday night at 9pm. Good luck!!




My Favorite Baby Items and Boutiques

I am so excited to finally share this post with all of you! It has been a long time coming and I absolutely love all of these baby items! Our little man will be here in 5 weeks give or take and I am finally starting to feel like I am prepared. Since this is my third pregnancy, I have seen and used many baby items and this pregnancy I wanted to be very specific with what items I wanted. Mostly because I knew what I would and would not use from past experience. Below I have listed some of my favorite items that I cannot wait to surround baby Ford with!


I cannot get over how precious these two items are. One is a pacifier clip and the other is a rattle toy for the car seat. These items are every bit precious as they are in the pictures. Mercy (my youngest) would lose her pacifier ALL the time, and I only wish I knew about these adorable clips a few years ago. I reached out to Lidia because I loved all the tiny details that went into each item. I haven't seen any crocheted items similar to this before so when I saw it I knew I had to have it! Her crochet work is excellent and I would highly recommend her to all my mommy friends. You can find her Etsy site here.

Rookie Humans

One of my favorite things about Instagram is finding new shops. It seems like the possibilities are endless when you start browsing, similar to Google. However, sometimes you come across an account and you instantly fall in love with what you see. For me that was with Rookie Humans. These crib sheets are just the absolute cutest! We don't have baby boys crib set up yet so that is why you only see the mattress, but you have to take a minute and browse through all the different sheet options that are available. There is so much creativity in each one, completely untraditional from the sheets I am used to seeing in the stores. It makes the babies room that much more appealing! Rookie Humans Instagram account can be found here, along with their website here. I will be sure to add more pictures once the crib is all set up and baby boy is here!

Freshly Picked

I love, love this bag! If you saw my insta stories a few weeks ago I went into full details all about this bag. There are so many pockets and zippers on the inside and outside you never have to worry about not having enough room. I knew I wanted a backpack style diaper bag and when I found this brand on Insta and they had my favorite color I knew that was the diaper bag for me. It also comes with a long strap so if you prefer to wear it on your shoulder or as a crossbody bag you can style it that way as well. You will be seeing this on repeat! You can find this exact bag (along with a whole bunch of other adorable items) HERE.

Bare Faced Notions

When I was pregnant with my first I received a bight, pink Boppy pillow and used it all the time. When we found out we were having a girl for our next baby again it came in really handy. Well when baby #3 came along and we found out it was a boy, I knew I needed a new cover that was not screaming bubblegum pink. I did not want to go out and buy just any traditional cover so I went to good ole Insta and found, Bare Faced Notions. Alysse makes handmade covers for the Boppy Pillows and there were so many fabric options to choose from. I know you can buy covers from the store, but I wanted something that would be original and handpicked for babies nursery. I was able to customize the fabric for the top and bottom of the cover. When the package arrived in the mail it was so beautifully wrapped together with perfect instructions on how to apply the cover. Soooo easy to put on, took about 30 seconds and a little bit of arm muscle! Alysse also makes crib sheets, burp cloths, changing pad covers and much more on her Esty shop. You can find all the details right HERE.

Covered Goods

If you are looking for an item that does the work of 4 different things for the everyday busy mom life, I have the perfect thing for you. Covered Goods is a company that created a multi-use nursing cover and it is fantastic! It can be used as a nursing cover, carseat cover, scarf, and shopping cart cover. I want to know, where was this when I had my first baby?! :) The material is so buttery soft and stretchy. I cannot wait to be able to use this on the regular! It was hard for me to take pictures without the baby, so once he arrives be on the lookout for all the different ways I will be using it. It also could work as a blanket, especially if mom wears these as a scarf and leaves her scent on it. Baby will be able to snuggle up right next to it and drift off to sleep. These retail for only $34.99 and are worth every penny for all the uses you get out of them. Here is the website where you can see all the different fabric options they offer. 

Robins Lullaby Boutique

With each new baby means new opportunities to find baby products and I loved these little burp cloths by RobinsLullabyBoutique. I love supporting and sharing about other mom bosses and Robin is not only running her own business, she also is a mom to 3 little girls. Her Etsy shop has multiple items and you can have your child's name monogrammed on a bib or burp cloth. I love the personalization aspect for each item. Her handmade burp clothes are 100% cotton and much thicker then the average burp cloth you will find in a store. Perfect to throw in a diaper bag, baby supply bucket and would make amazing baby shower gifts! You can browse all her options and ADORABLE fabric prints right HERE, at her Esty shop.

Lollipop Baby Camera

There're so many baby monitors out there. So how do you choose just one? You find the monitor that can do it all. Lollipop baby monitors are the most unique monitor I have ever seen. First the design allows you to bend and mold the monitor to fit perfectly on the crib for babies one year and younger. Once the child grows past the first year, you can easily mount it to the wall. The baby monitor has an app that once you download you can livestream your baby sleeping. It also tracks data history, allowing you to track when baby cries or when their sleep is interrupted. The longer you use the monitor, the better you will be able to track what goes on in your little ones sleep. It also allows you to play music or white noise without having to go into babies room. There are additional features such as recording videos of baby and push to talk options. If you are looking for a modern high tech gadget, this is it! Here is a direct link for the monitor: Lollipop Baby Monitor. 


Last but certainly not least is BabySoy clothing. BabySoy is a clothing line that is not only chemical free but has won many awards such as the Parent Tested Parent Approved award and several others. Lets be honest, there are so many boutiques on the web to find adorable clothes for your littles. But do you know what those clothes are made out of? When those precious babies go from womb to arms, we as parents have to make every decision for them. Some decisions are easier than others and when it comes to an organic, chemical free clothing I am all for it. One less thing that can bring harm to my little one! I love the different collections BabySoy has to offer and variety of items. HERE is the full website where you can find all their products. 

So there you have it! Some of my favorite items and why. I would love to hear any feedback you may have about these items or any other baby related things you have seen and loved. Feel free to leave a comment or email me at




Relax the Spa

Happy Monday! I can't believe we are already halfway through February! It seems like time is flying by, which is okay with me because that means we are one day closer to spring. Spring time is one of my favorites for buying a new wardrobe, and I love all the spring fashions I am starting to see come out online and in stores. It also means we are one day closer to meeting our little man! will be here before I know it. I still need a few more weeks to prepare mentally, physically and to actually set his room up! :)

A few weeks ago Tim and I went to Relax Spa in Rochester to get massages. Relax is one of my favorites places to visit for many reasons, but I always leave feeling refreshed and calm. If you have heard me talk about the establishment in the past, you know I am obsessed with their robes! They are so comfortable and I always stay a couple of minutes after each visit just to lounge in them!

Tim is not a massage type of person by any means. It took quite a bit of coaxing to get him to agree upon a couples massage, but once we got in the room on the tables he was the one who kept talking. He owns his own remodeling business so receiving a Swedish massage was just what he needed.  I had to laugh because I know he enjoyed himself way more than what he ever thought he would!

Since I am pregnant I received the pregnancy massage. I had the sweetest masseuse, who applied gentle pressure but was firm enough to massage out the kinks in my back from carrying around the baby. They also use these amazing smelling oils (that they sell in house) that leave such a wonderful aroma in the air. They make them specifically for the spa, and I will for sure be buying a bottle in the near future just to diffuse in my house. 

 These are the robes I rave about!

These are the robes I rave about!

 I love grabbing a little snack before my service!

I love grabbing a little snack before my service!

 Feeling amazing post massage!

Feeling amazing post massage!

 Always a fantastic experience!

Always a fantastic experience!

I believe this was my third time at Relax and every experience seems to be better than the last. From walking into the front door where the receptionist greets you by opening the door for you, to walking out feeling refreshed and relaxed; Relax the Spa captures every element of bliss and relaxation wrapped into each experience. I will be back visiting tomorrow for a facial, so follow along on my Instagram stories for a behind the scenes look of what goes on behind those solid wood doors. I also will be doing a giveaway so keep your eyes opened for that as well! Let me now if you have any questions that I can answer!




Baby Ford Reveal

Earlier this year Tim and I had discussed growing our family. We knew Mercy would turn 3 in September and thought the summer may be a good time to start trying for baby #3. He was readier than I was. Correction: He is STILL more ready than I will ever be. At least one of us should be right? (insert sarcastic face emoji) Well any woman trying to conceive will tell you that as soon as she can, she will go out and buy a bunch of pregnancy tests and pray to see those positive results. I of course didn’t want to wait and started taking them about a week and a half early. Sure enough, there was the slightest double pink line. So I told my husband I needed to grab a few things from the store, snuck out and bought a bunch more. Funny side note: While cashing out at the register, the cashier asked me if this was a surprise or if I was trying. I am glad she asked myself and not another woman because we all know that is the number one question you DON’T ask a stranger. I took another test the next morning and those lines were an even darker shade of pink and I knew without a shadow of a doubt, God has blessed us with another sweet little child to call our own. 


Brooklynne (our first born) came as a compete surprise, so Tim and I found out together I was pregnant when I took a test. When I found out I was pregnant with Mercy I waited a few weeks and told Tim on Christmas eve. As soon as I knew I was pregnant with this baby I started thinking of ways to tell my hubby. To be totally honest I was stumped. It was the end of July and I couldn’t come up with any idea that I loved that I thought were original. I believe it was a Tuesday when we were talking together on the couch and I just couldn’t keep it in any longer so I told him. “Babe, I am pregnant.” He looked at me and said, “I know”. Shocked I asked him how he had any idea and he replied that I smelled different. (Is that not the most odd response?!) He went on to say that after 8 years together he knows me well enough and he could tell there was something different and he just knew. Well any element of surprise was completely off the table at that point. The next step was to tell the girls. I had all these visions of how it would go down and how sweet it would be. I was going to record a video of two little blissful girls that had just realized they were going to get a sibling. Well lets just say blissful is not exactly the word I would use to describe their response...

Mercy was clearly more interested in licking the frosting off! You cannot blame a three year old for that, I would have the same response if my sister took that long. This pregnancy has been the roughest, physically for me so far. I had severe moving sickness for the first 17 weeks, which required medication around the clock, and some days that did not even work. THANK GOD, it has finally left me and I have my energy back at 21 weeks. Poor Tim had work all day, come home and make dinner and take care of the kids while trying to attend to myself in bed. Lets not even discuss the house for those 3 months. But the past is in the past, hallelujah!

At our 19 week appointment we got to see our growing babe and had them put the results of the gender in an envelope. The envelope sits in our filing cabinet where honestly neither one of us has even been tempted to look. As an adult there are so few surprises in life, I didn't want to let this one pass me by. So I am just a giddy little kid, patiently counting down the days until Thanksgiving morning where I can wake up the family and we all open the envelope together. The house has become divided: half are team boy, the other half are team girl. SO EXCITED to see!

If you could keep our little babe in your prayers, our ultra sound visit went over an hour long and we had a doctor come in and discuss the baby's kidney. One was slightly larger than it should be. They reassured us this was not a major deal, a lot of times the kidney grows and corrects itself but if after the baby is born, and it is still larger than it possibly will have kidney dysplasia and require surgery. The odds are very, very low for that to happen according to what they say, however the possibility is still there so we would love your prayers that everything is normal when the baby is born. Thank you and we cannot wait to upload the next video of what little baby Ford will be!!




Therapeutic Massage & Bodyworks

Happy Friday! The weekend is here and it is freezing in NY. Im talking 20 degree weather freezing.  I don't know if I am ready for all of this yet....but I am pretty sure I don't have a choice! This weekend is another busy one, so I am looking forward to the plans we have made. Any one else have anything exciting going go?

A few weeks ago I visited one of my favorite massage spots, Therapeutic Massage & Bodyworks in Gates.  Jamie, the owner has worked on my back several times and she is the absolute sweetest! I instantly clicked with her personality and she is so down to earth and friendly. She makes you feel right at home. Not only can you receive a massage when visiting this location but they also offer manicures, pedicures and facials. One of these days I am going to come in for the whole package. Right before baby sounds like a good time, right? :)


Therapeutic Massage offers multiple styles of massages including couples massage. The ambiance of the room is very calming and the lights are set to perfection so you can enjoy your time relaxing. One thing I love about Jamie is that she utilizes Young Living oils during her massages. Young Living is know for being one of the purest forms of oils plus they smell absolutely amazing. If you are familiar with these oils at all you will be able to tell right away from the scent what brand they are. I was so pleased when she showed me all the different scents she uses.  


Throughout my several visits I have been able to meet other employees that work at this location and everyone has been so friendly and welcoming. Always greeting me with smiles and truly enjoying their job. I for one, always want to go back to a business where people ACTUALLY like what they do. In Rochester, there are many locations and businesses that offer massages and pampering treatments but I can honestly say this is my favorite location on the westside without hesitation. The prices are affordable and you receive high quality treatment. We all work hard for our money, so why not get the most out it?! Currently right now they are having a promotion: the Ultimate Stress Relief Treatment is now only $55. Typically this treatment runs for $85. This very well could be a perfect idea for post Black Friday shopping?!! I think Im in! Take a look around the site and see what they have to offer, you may just find some potential Christmas gifts on their site. Click their link here.

Let me know if you stop by!



My Top 3 Favorite Cleaning Products

Happy Friday! I am so glad we finally made it to the end of the week! Does anyone have exciting plans? I would love to hear what you are doing! The weather here is so cold compared to the other day and rainy but I secretly love it! Shhh, don't tell my husband. He would live in the tropics if we could. 

If you don't know I have my own cleaning business and have been successfully running it for the last 5 years. I love the flexible hours it gives me to be with my kiddos. With that being said I have used many different cleaning products over the years and these three products below are hands down my favorite to use and I will explain why.


The sponge bath is a newer product to me and I love it. Most people microwave their sponges but after a few times that can make the sponge hard and then there is the theory that the sponges do not always come out clean. The sponge bath is so easy to use and it cuts down on time. Every minute counts in my day and love spending less time on the hard stuff and more time on the fun things!

It is so simply to use! Just add water and the correct amount of solution and store your sponge in the container when not in use. Really there are no other gimmicks or tricks, that simply and straight forward. You only need to soak the sponge for 10 minutes before each use and add clean solution once per week. If you are eager to get your hands on this product you can find the link directly HERE!


My next favorite cleaning tool is the magic eraser. Oh my goodness, I can't even tell you how much easier it is cleaning grime off of bathtubs with these sponges. Toothpaste crusted to the sink? Gone in a simple swipe. Water stains do not even compete with this guy. I use it on literally everything. Walls, sneakers, kitchen, bathroom, you name it. They are so affordable and they typically hold up well if you are not to rough with them. I ALWAYS buy extra strength/durable. I do notice a difference with these compared to the regular box. The regular box does not seem to work as well. You can finds these at Walmart, Target, Wegmans, pretty much everywhere. If you are an online shopper like me, I have attached a link for you right HERE.


Lastly my favorite floor cleaner! Bona is the bomb. I know that statement is probably as old as me, but really that about sums it up. The Bona always leaves my hardwood floors so clean looking and they even carry a polish which makes yours floors look almost wet. The shine is that good. The Bona comes with a mop stick that you attach a cloth to the end. Similar to a swiffer but the cloth head/mop is much greater quality. I use this on every customer and in my own home. I will never use anything else. The smell is very mild, cleans super efficiently and always comes out spot free. Here is the link for this cleaner, BONA.


That is it! Let me know what some of your favorite products are and enjoy your weekend! 



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Taco Bake

Happy Taco Tuesday! Today on the blog I am sharing a family favorite recipe! If you have ever had a baby or surgery and I brought a meal to you, 9/10 times I delivered this dinner to your front door. It is so easy to make and so delicious, it is always my go to! The best part is that most ingredients are probably already in your fridge! The other great part is that this recipe doesn't require measurements so it makes cooking go even faster. Easy and fast are what I need in my life right now, how about you? :)

So these are the 7 ingredients listed below:


1. Shredded Mexican Cheese

2. Taco Seasoning

3.Sour Cream

4. 1 pound of ground beef ( I like to get 85/15 for more flavor) 

5. Doritos

6. Pillsbury Crescent Dough Sheet

7. 1 Yellow Onion

Heat Oven to 350 degrees while preparing food


Heat medium skillet over medium high heat. Add meat and brown. Chop around  1/3 of a cup of onions (more or less depending on your taste) and mix in with ground beef.

When meat appears brown, follow directions of taco seasoning packet and add to meat mixture. While meat is simmering grease a 9x13 baking dish and roll crescent dough sheet onto pan.

Next carefully crunch Doritos chips while still inside the bag. This is great way to involve your kids with dinner, letting them crunch the Chips for you. Just be careful the bag does not explode! Place a thin layer of chips all over the dough. Use about half of the bag for the bottom portion of the chips.

Next carefully place your simmered meat on top of the chips, slowly spreading it out to create a thin layer. You can see the steam rising from the meat in this picture!

Grab the sour cream next with a spatula and place a thin layer of sour cream on top of the ground beef mixture. You can add more or less depending on how much you like sour cream! Fully coat the meat mixture. 

After you spread out the sour cream, grab handfuls of shredded cheese and place on top of the sour cream. Again you want to place a thin layer of cheese on top of the sour cream, but use your discretion as to how much you would like. 

Last step is to take the remaining half of Doritos from the bag and place on top of the layer of Cheese. Cover in foil and place in the oven for 25 minutes at 350 degrees. After 25 minutes take the foil off and leave in for a few more minutes, allowing the chips to slightly brown. That is it!

We always add Ortega taco sauce on top and it is the perfect addition to a delicious meal. 


So there you have it! Such an easy meal and my kids absolutely love it, Mercy will even ask for it when we go out to restaurants, haha! I hope you have a wonderful Tuesday and don't forget to subscribe the the blog for any future posts. 




My Favorite Esty Shop

Happy Friday! If you are anything like me, you wait until the last minute to buy most presents. Mothers Day is 2 days away and Im still wondering what to give the two woman in my life (mom + mother in law) a gift that says thank you for going through immense pain to bring myself and my husband life. Im thinking a porsche or all expenses paid trip! Haha, maybe someday!

Until I strike it rich I will share with you the best little jewelry shop on Esty. I came across Monica's instagram account almost one year ago and fell in love with her pieces. She was one of my very first collaborations and I have loved every piece of jewelry I own from her. This bar necklace was and still is my favorite necklace. I wear it with everything!!!! The color I have is Rose Gold (although it looks gold below) and is so perfect to layer with all the different trending necklaces.  

This necklace was the second piece of jewelry I received and I had the word "MRS" inscribed. My children are one of my greatest blessings, but my husband came first and I wanted something to remind me of how much I truly love him and am so thankful to be his wife. 

So I had been eying these stacking bracelets for a while and I knew I wanted them but I didn't really know what I wanted to inscribe on them. At first I thought maybe dates that have importance to me, but I finally decided on my daughters names. I love the delicate feel to them and I always pair them with a watch. They have become a new staple on my wrist and I wear them just as much as my wedding band. They have a flexible shape to them, which was perfect because I have very tiny wrists, so I was able to size them perfectly. I can't wait to add another one when I have my next baby (not yet, I am still enjoying the two children I have). 

What I love most about this shop is how affordable it is. Everything I have listed is under $30. You can click any of the pictures and they will take you straight to Monica's shop. Her jewelry line makes the PERFECT gift idea for any special holiday, birthday, graduation you name it. Follow along Vintage Stamp Jewels On Facebook or Instagram. Of course you need the perfect outfit to go with your jewelry and is always a favorite spot of mine to browse. Everything is discounted!! Enjoy your weekend and Happy Mothers Day to all you mamas out there!




Relax Day Spa

Happy Tuesday! Today I am sharing a little about my experience at Relax the Spa. I love, love this spa! This is my third time visiting this spa and every time I have a fantastic experience.


Several weeks ago I visited the spa for a Minkyti Facial. A minky what? My thoughts exactly when I first heard about this facial. It is a seaweed facial. Your esthetician will take seaweed leaves and place them on your face over a warm seaweed mask, which aids in nourishing and hydrating the skin. The seaweed also regenerates and oxygenates the skin as well.

I will warn you, if you are a sushi fan YOU will be craving sushi during the facial. I kept telling my esthetician how good it smelled and asked if they offered any sashimi at the end.  In all seriousness this facial did wonders on my skin. I suffer with awful dry skin through out the winter months and this changed my skin drastically! Sometimes while in the middle of a facial my skin can start to feel irritated, however as the minkyti facial progressed I noticed my skin starting to feel more comforted and hydrated. The seaweed leaves themselves were not irritating and had an overall warmth to them. The facial also included a head, neck and shoulder massage.


The overall experience of my facial was amazing. When you first arrive you get undressed into their AMAZING bathrobe that feels like it is made from pillows and silk. You are served tea, coffee, or water and reside in the “quiet room” until someone from the spa brings you back into your room. There are little treats for you to nibble on and the overall atmosphere is just peaceful.  

Every time I leave the spa I am anxiously awaiting my next visit. I am so excited to be able to share in some of that excitement with you, as I have teamed up with The Relax to give away a $50 gift card. All you have to do to enter is leave a comment about what service you would love to try! You can view the website below.





Relax The Spa

Throwing it back to Christmas 2014

Just a few pictures for your viewing pleasure of my little family two years ago. Time slips away so fast...

I love color but i think i prefer the black and white picture

Photo Credit :C R Photos

I hope you enjoyed a little peek into our life. Enjoy this Christmas season with loved ones!




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Memoirs of a working mom...

My name is Mandy and I am a full time working mom. I struggle to get through most days without forgetting a child, burning down the house with whatever I forgot in the oven, or going to work wearing a shirt that looks like it spent that last 2 weeks in a ball on the floor (and it probably did). I’m the mom that forgets until 20 minutes before school starts that my kindergartener had 1 sheet of homework to do and I never made time to help her do it. Most of my days start around 6 a.m. and end around 11 p.m. And when I’m really lucky, I get to pull all-nighters with whichever of my kids are sick with the latest and greatest virus going around.

I say all of this to paint a picture of what life is really like for moms like me who are blessed with the opportunity to have a career but also struggling to balance the full time job of “momming” in what’s left of their free time. I always planned on cutting to part time once I have kids, but that wasn’t in God’s plans for me. My husband and I experienced job loss, financial difficulties that landed us back at home with my in-laws, and a very unexpected second pregnancy all within the first 7 months of my daughter being born. A full time job has just always been a necessity for me.

So how do you find time to be successful in both worlds? Really, I still have no idea so let me know if you’ve figured it out.

 Here’s what I have learned though. Picture perfect is not how my life will ever be described. And I’m ok with that. I now expect the unexpected in my day to day routine. If I wear white, there will be dirty handprints on me before I ever leave the house. If I’m running late, both of the kids will suddenly need to go to the bathroom right then. If there’s a theme day at school, my kid will be the one not participating because I thought it was next week. If I sign up to bring a dish to the luncheon at work, I will leave it sitting on the counter on my way out the door. I will absolutely fail in some way Every. Single. Day. So I can never thank God enough for giving me a husband who doesn’t seem to notice how imperfect my parenting skills are or that the house hasn’t been cleaned in 2 weeks (he usually thinks it’s only been a day or 2, God bless him). Even more than that, I am so thankful for my children who still think I’m awesome! They always seem to tell me on my worst days how great I am. My favorite is when they get cereal for dinner and they say “This is the best cereal EVER mom. You’re the best cook!”.

I can say without a doubt that my strength and joy in life comes from the Lord and from the blessings he has so graciously given to me. It’s what makes it all worth it. I don’t love the feeling of pulling my hair out while trying to make sense of all of our work and school schedules. But I love the feeling of recapping my day and realizing how much I actually accomplished. It makes me feel kind of awesome.

My life is hard. It’s exhausting. I wouldn’t trade it for anything. 

Four under 4

The other day I went to Walmart and as I was there I was greeted several times with a comment about my children. Some were..”wow you've got your hands full”...”are they twins?” …"you don't get much down time do ya?”...I could go on but I think you get the picture. I have to admit, me shopping with all four of the kids is rather amusing. One of those if you don't laugh you cry type amusing for me. See as a mom to four amazing human beings, with the eldest being four years old, you have to laugh at life. Or you will most definitely sob. People often comment about the kids for two reasons. First because of the twins; which of course is awesome... (I love being a twin mom it's a whole experience that I just can't believe is mine to enjoy) but mostly people comment because of the number of small children we have. I don't mind the comments, it's great to meet people and talk to other adults (Because I don't get to do that much!) I just find it interesting how different people think I am because of the kids.  To me it's not that unusual. My grandmas both had eight children and my mom birthed ten children. In the early twentieth century it wasn't uncommon to see a mom with five or more kids but, we live in a different world and I guess that means we as a family stick out a bit. However we don't mind!

  I don't think of myself as a super mom really, to me that means I'm better than the average mom which I assure you I'm not. Sure, my life has struggles that are perhaps a little different than others because of the ages of the kids right now and how close they are. I mean, I never thought bed time would be a struggle in my life. I love sleep!!. My kids on the other hand don't favor it as well! When we go some where and let them loose it's like an immediate dispersal of chaos in four different directions... and to herd ( yes I said herd) them all back makes you feel like a pro cattle rancher rounding up the cattle. It's crazy and sometimes stressful I won't lie! However, truth be told every mom is a super mom to her kids. It's amazing to me how forgiving and loving small children are!


As moms we can get stuck in the trap of comparisons and doubts. We need to remember that our children are ours for a reason. God saw fit to make YOU your child's mommy.. don't doubt Gods’ sovereignty by thinking your not cut out for the job, or saying that other moms are so much better than you. There are areas in every ones life that can be improved and being mom is a selfless job, so naturally it's difficult. That doesn't mean we can't be the mom God wants us to be for our children.  Don't be afraid of constructive criticism we can grow into more mature mommas by applying good advice.

 I have to choose everyday to see my kids as individuals that I have but a few short years to influence.

 I have a goal for my children to become God fearing respectable adults. Because I have a goal, I can aim everyday at a mark. Some days I miss terribly some days we hit the bullseye, but if there is no mark you surely won't hit it. I guess what I'm trying to say is have a purpose to your everyday parenting. No matter how many kids God has given you... we are super mom to our kids!

I love you Body and Soul by Lisa Leonard

At the cellular level, every bit of David’s body has been affected by a chromosomal abnormality. It isn’t the way it’s supposed to be. The coordinates on the map are incorrectly labeled. The recipe has all the ingredients but in the wrong amounts. The computer coding has a typo and the program won’t run correctly. When David was born we saw his left hand had only two fingers. It was the first indication David had a genetic disorder. His body is broken, imperfect, and flawed. His soul on the other hand, is intact and whole. His soul resides in a body that simply doesn’t cooperate because it can not. His soul fights every day to live fully.


Before David was born, before I was married, I taught with kids in wheelchairs, kids with g-tubes, kids who were non-verbal, kids with autism. I worked with special needs kids, or I should say, I worked with typical kids trapped inside bodies with special needs. Every day they arrived at school at 8:30am, every day they left at 2:40pm and in between we lived life together; learning, growing and connecting. I knew each of my students well. I knew their physical needs and quirks, their preferences and personalities. I knew their souls and they knew mine.


When two people truly connect on a soul level it’s a kind of miracle. It’s much deeper than a physical connection. It takes time and energy. It takes patience and quiet. It’s a soul to soul, heart to heart connection. It’s the way an expectant mother bonds with her child before he’s born. It’s the way we can’t stop thinking about a friend–so we call up her up only to find out she really needed words of encouragement at that very moment. It’s a deep knowing cultivated over time. I can’t explain it, but if you’ve experienced it, you know exactly what I’m talking about.


We may be tempted to say the body doesn’t matter. The body is broken—who cares?! It’s the soul that truly makes us who we are. And yes, in part, this is true. But the body does matter. The body carries the soul. The body breathes and speaks and sings and moves. The body is the outward representation of the soul. The body works on our behalf to make our soul known. A soul needs a body and a body needs a soul. So we care for our bodies. We walk and run and try to eat healthy food. We brush our teeth and see doctors and have surgery to repair a heart defect. We buy clothes that fit and have our hair trimmed. We honor the soul by caring for the body.


Yesterday David worked on feeding himself. He carefully lifted a spoonful of lemon yogurt to his mouth, took a bite and placed the spoon back into the bowl. He isn’t able to scoop up another bite, so I do that part for him. Again and again, I fill the spoon, again and again he lifts it to his mouth and places it back into the bowl. Over months and years of working on this skill David continues to improve.

And we celebrate! Because David’s amazing, stubborn, beautiful soul is winning over a body that doesn’t work right. We celebrate because it’s a HUGE accomplishment. No, eating a spoonful of yogurt isn’t a huge accomplishment for most 14-year-old boys, but for this kiddo, who lives inside a body that doesn’t cooperate, it’s massive. It deserves shouts of delights and high-fives.

While my hands are clapping and I cheer for his success, a tear slips down my cheek. This sucks. I hate that my son has to fight moment by moment to live a full life with a body that fights against him. I hate that he has to work harder than most kids to communicate and eat and walk and sometimes just to breath. I hate that he sees seven different medical specialists. I hate that he’s had multiple surgeries and will likely have many more. I hate there are times he comes up beside me and takes my hand, looks at me with an intent gaze while he stomps his foot, hoping I’ll know what he wants. I offer him a snack and see the frustration cross his face. He stomps more and pulls on my arm. I offer him a cuddle and he pushes me away. I hate that he can’t tell me what he wants and I hate that sometimes I can’t read his soul well enough to guess.

But that soul. I love that soul. And I love that broken, imperfect, adorable body that holds his beautiful soul. A love that is deeper because our souls have struggled and grieved and found hope together.


Today I will put this necklace around my neck as a reminder of the love between his soul and mine. He is part of my tribe. He is my safe place and my love. I will do my best to care for his physical needs with patience and tenderness. I’ll help him scoop up spoonfuls of food again and again. I’ll help him put on his pants and button his shirt. I’ll cuddle him and kiss him. In return he will smile at me making my heart do flip flops. He will take my hand and show me what he wants. He will teach me how to be grateful. He will teach me to notice the beauty all around me. He will move through the day with bravery and determination. He will inspire others and spread joy to all who know him.

His soul knows mine and my soul knows his. At the end of the day, we are both souls living inside imperfect, broken bodies. Not just David, but me as well. And someday I know it won’t be this hard. Someday all with be made right and our bodies will be made whole. Someday heaven will come. Today we find beauty in this moment, hope for tomorrow and a deep love between our souls.


*Lisa was kind enough to allow me to pull original content from her blog. If you would like to follow along her journey you can read more at /blog/ *

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