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Today’s blog post is about the “slouchy”. The slouchy is The Mint Julep Boutiques amazing sweatshirt. The slouchy is a cute and trendy long sleeve shirt that can be worn in multiple different ways. On top of that it is so incredibly comfortable. When I received the package in the mail I could not wait to wear them! The fabric was cotton and had a perfect fit as soon as I put it on. 


The part that I love most about the slouchy is how versatile it is. The wine colored slouchy was perfect for fall photos so I could not wait to dress it up with a hat and heels and take pictures in the leaves. I know it can be really hard to find fashion trends that are comfortable and trending, but that is the best part about this shirt. There are so many ways to style it!

Being a mom of two little girls I am on the go a lot and I am also home a lot. Being comfortable in what I am wearing is very important to me. I wanted to add a real life picture amongst the professional ones to keep things honest and real. Life is not always about dressing up and attending fancy events.  It is about cuddling on the couch and drying crying eyes while drinking all the coffee I can get. I may or may not have worn this pink slouchy all day and all night. It was the perfect comfy top for a tiresome day.


The slouchys typically are $48 but with an exclusive offer you can buy them for $24. I have attached all the links for you below. I hope you love them as much as I do!



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Wine Slouchy

Rose Slouchy

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