Vegan Crock Pot Stuffed Peppers

Its FRIDAYYYYYY! I would say it is my favorite F word, but we all know that would be a lie. Food always comes first. HAHA! So, today’s recipe is super easy and fast. To be honest I am not the biggest fan of cooking, so I love finding recipes that require minimal work. I stumbled across this recipe on Pinterest when I was looking for plant-based meal ideas. If you are looking for some wholesome, healthy options that are plant based this website has a TON of awesome ideas.   


Todays recipe is really straight forward so I will let the pictures do the talking. Enjoy and let me know your thoughts if you make it!


·      2 cups cooked quinoa

·      2 1/2 cups salsa

·      1 cup corn kernels

·      1 (15 ounce) can black beans, drained and rinsed

·      2 teaspoons cumin

·      1 teaspoon ancho chili powder

·      1/2 teaspoon smoked paprika

·      1/2 teaspoon garlic salt

·      1/4 teaspoon salt

·      4 large bell peppers (with tops, seeds, and veins removed, and cut in half)

·      1 very large avocado 

·      juice from 1 lime

·      1/4 teaspoon salt

·      1/2 teaspoon hot sauce (optional)

·      based

·      lime wedges


1.       In a large bowl, mix together the first 9 ingredients.

2.       Fill each pepper half with the quinoa mixture.

3.       Place each pepper half in the slow cooker and cook on high for three hours.

4.       While the peppers are cooking, prepare the avocado mix below.

 Mash the avocado in a bowl. Add the lime juice, hot sauce, and salt and whisk until very smooth. Add water to thin to preference.

5.     Serve the peppers with avocado sauce drizzled on top, and lime wedges


This was soooooo delicous! The kids even loved it.


Brianna Lynne

Garden Vegetable Chickpea Salad

Happy Friday Friends! I am so happy the weekend is here and I am kicking off my recipes series. This is something I have had a desire to do for a long time and realizing the importance of what goes in our body, I knew I needed to share these with all of you. This week I wanted to start with some simple and light. This recipe will make several sandwiches so if you are the only one partaking in it, you will have several meals leftover for the remainder of the week. 


I came across this recipe originally here but tweaked a few things to my preference. The great thing about this recipe is that you can adjust the ingredients to your liking. It is packed with healthy and yummy veggies, so if you are someone who does not get enough vegetables in your diet this is a great addition. My hubby loved this and liked the fact of how light it was and easy to eat. No bloat after, upset stomach or post food lag from eating too much. That is one thing I absolutely love about eating healthy. You always feel good and never have any food regrets (ugh, who has been there?)


Garden Vegetable Chick Pea Salad


·       15 oz canned chickpeas, drained + rinsed

·       2 stalks green onion

·       2 stalks celery-finally chopped

·       1/4 cup chopped shredded carrots (I juice carrots throughout the week so the compost is perfect for this recipe)

·       1/4 cup finely chopped red bell pepper

·       ½ cup favorite mayo ( I like to buy this one from Wegmans as it is a healthier option. Feel free to use your mayo of preference)

·       1 tsp Dijon mustard

·       1/8 tsp dried dill 

·       1/8 tsp salt

·       1/8 tsp pepper

·       3 TBSP roasted sunflower seeds

·       3 TBSP fresh chopped basil plus extra to taste

·       Optional: Chopped up dill pickle to taste


1.    Drain and rinse your chickpeas and add them to a large bowl. Mash until texture appears flaked, like tuna salad. Tip: Use a food processor as it saves time and effort! I used a potato masher and followed up with a fork. 

2.    Chop your green onion, celery, shredded carrots, pepper, and pickles (if desired). 

3.    Add to the bowl with your chickpeas, then add mayo, Dijon, dill, salt, and pepper. Stir well. 

4.    Carefully mix in sunflower seeds and basil and adjust any ingredients to your taste preference.

5.   Pile on bread, make a grilled wrap, eat on a bed of lettuce, or just grab bites by the spoonful. Enjoy! 

I want to make this recipe again only using the traditional ingredients I use in my chicken salad recipe. I will share that in the near future!

Let me know if you love this recipe and what you are looking to try next!


Brianna Lynne

Tru Fru

Happy Friday Friends! It is going to be a beautiful weekend and my family is in town, so I am looking forward to some much needed sun and good times! Who doesn’t love a weekend full of sunshine and laughter?!

One of my favorite things about summer time is all the food and snacks that accompany us on our travels. I took the kids into Costco for the first time yesterday and first off, Wow! Why have I waited so long to visit this amazing store? The kids loved walking around tasting all the samples (which our local store said they do every day) and browsing through all the isles.


Now that summer is here, my kids are in full snack mode. We have a beach trip planned next week so we went in looking to stock up for playdates outside, and all the fun things warmer weather brings. We usually shop for staple items, such as fruits and veggies to snack on but came across some fruit covered in dark chocolate. Tim LOVES dark chocolate and I like it better for my kids since dark is a healthier option. Tru Fru just released a new product called Coconut Melts. They are 100% real coconut, freeze-dried fresh and covered in premium dark chocolate. They are made with all natural clean ingrediants as well as gluten free. If you are available on Sunday, the Costcos located in the Northeast will be providing samples for all customers. Additionally Ibotta members have a $2 off coupon that can be applied. I love saving money any way I can. These are such a fun little snack to have on the go! They have some additional flavors as well that are available online that I would love to try once we finish this bag. Whats your favorite cost find? #trufru


Brianna Lynne

Holiday Gift Guide

Lets talk gifts! Are you still in need of some ideas or suggestions on some gift ideas for your significant other or little kiddos? The struggle can be real when trying to think of even just the basic gifts for someone. I have a few gift ideas to share with you that I think will be a huge hit at Christmas.


Ladies first! Is there a gal out there that you know who doesn’t like to be cozy and warm during this freezing time of year? I didn’t think so! I found the cutest red-nosed reindeer slipper socks! They are ballerina shaped to cradle your foot, ultra-plush and have a marshmallow-light foam bottom that literally makes you feel like you are walking on clouds! To go along with the cozy feel I also found a small therapedic reversible weighted blanket. This 12lb blanket is meant to create a calming and relaxing embrace for a better nights sleep (or nap if you don’t have kids and can do that kind of thing still haha). It also comes in five different sizes! Lastly do not forget to take care of your skin during the harsh winter months. The Georgette Klinger facial spray is one of my favorites! This oil free spray hydrates and revitalizes dry skin, as well as delivers much needed antioxidants . The spray is cruelty, dye, and paraben free. It is a win-win!



Facial Spray


On to the men! If there is a man in your life who works out or just loves listening to their music I found a pair of Coby Light-Up wireless headphones that could be perfect for them. These headhpes listed at under $28, can hook them up through their bluetooth on their phone, listen to music and even take (or make) phone calls on them with the built in mic they have. If your guy isn’t into technical things but would prefer loungewear the Slim-Fit Jogger pants for him would be a perfect gift for him. The jogger pants have an elastic waistband with drawstring and come in either blue or gray. The last thing I found is something I think all men could always use more of...Cotton Stretch No-Show Trunks. They come in a pack of 3 and there are SO many different options for designs (who wants boring underwear?!). 

Coby Headphones

Joggers and Boxers


Last but most certainly not least...ideas for our adored children! What little boy wouldn’t have a blast playing laser tag AT HOME?? I found the coolest Jurassic World 2 Laser Tag Blasters! It comes with two in a pack, they have 3 shooting modes with sound effects, life indicators, a secret weapon button and infrared beams with hit sensors so they don’t even need a vest to play.

For all of you with little girls, I found a JoJo Siwa Be You Sing Along Boombox with Dual Microphones! It has built-in vocal effects to make you sound like a pro. It can record up to 10 different audio files and has 40 minutes of recording space. Also it’s only 3lbs so your little one can carry it around while she serenades everyone with let if go (lets be honest :) If you just need a small stocking stuffer for your little girl, these adorable white bear mittens would be perfect. They have cute little fuzzy ears at the tips of the hand and are also able to have their fingers free to be able to hold onto things.


Karaoke Machine

Jurassic Park Laser Tag


I hope I was able to be of some help during this Christmas season. Life is so busy for us all, try and take some time to slow down and remember the true meaning of it all. Merry Christmas friends!


Brianna Lynne

Basic Invite

Happy Friday! Who has a birthday in October? I am excited to be teaming up with Basic Invites. If you haven’t heard of them yet they are a site that allows you to customize cards for almost every major life moment. They are one of the few websites that offer customers instant previews with almost unlimited color options. It’s as simple as selecting a design you like and making changes to any element on the card to over 180 different color options to your liking. I have to say being able to be online and still change every little detail that I want to make it exactly the way I want it is pretty awesome!


You guys, not only can you make it how you want it, you can order the SAMPLE of your actual invitation to see exactly what type of paper it will be on and how everything will look printed before you go and order the full amount that you need. How great is that? They also have foil cards with your choice of either silver, gold or rose gold. You can choose to have the foil raised or flat on all Basic Invite’s foil designs.


Basic Invite also has over 40 different colors when it comes to their envelopes. So, if I am doing an October themed card and make the invites black I could make the envelope orange to have it stand out before they even open it up! Plus, how many people hate that they have to lick the envelopes to seal them…leaving that awful taste in your mouth. Basic Invites’ envelopes are all peel and seal, no post sour taste later.


Lastly, how stressed do you get when you make the list of everyone you want to invite to something and then realize you don’t have all of their addresses? Basic Invite offers an address capturing service that allows customers to share a link on any social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.) to request their friends and family’s addresses which is then stored in the customer’s online account. This way it is easy to select them during the designing process. They basically do all of the work for you!

Here are some examples of birthday invitations from customers in the past:



If you or someone you know is looking to send out invites this month use the coupon code: 15FF51 and you will receive 15% off of your order!


Take a peek at these links to see what all of this fuss is all about 



birthday party invitations for kids


birthday invitation cards online


adults birthday party invitations

Basic Invite Facebook

Basic Invite Instagram


Brianna Lynne


Fall Comfort Food

About a month ago I was able to come inside this gorgeous pinterest worthy home and see where all the magic happens. If you have ever been fortunate enough to have been made a home cooked meal by Greta or Erin, it was probably one of the tastiest meals you have ever experienced. I asked these sweet ladies if they would be willing to share a deeper look into their passion of cooking with the rest of the world.


I asked Greta if she would be willing to open up her kitchen so the world could see the magic that occurs inside. Of course she was kind enough and it gave me another excuse to stalk her home for some more decor ideas. The woods shelves? Handmade. Plus the lighting in there is every photographer, blogger, and youtubers dream.

It was a beautiful day, the kids were running around outside and I was able to watch Greta and Erin whip up some fall inspired foods A masterpiece of breakfast Strata and some pumpkin muffins. I of course had the easy task of watching them work their magic while snapping a few pictures. Hardest part? Waiting for the food to cool to taste. Needless to say it was delicious and I even was sent home with a batch of my own! Greta shares the recipes below and if you are looking for some easy meals to make on a busy schedule, well we got you covered! Leave a comment below if you would like to see more recipes come to the blog! <3

Gluten Free Breakfast Strata:


 The night before cut up one large onion and cook over medium heat with 1tbsp butter for about 8 min (until caramelized)

  •  Lightly steam a small head of broccoli for 5 min.

  • Cool both and refrigerate


Next Day…


  • Butter a 9x13in baking dish

  •  Preheat oven to 350 degrees


In a large mixing bowl add -


  •  8-10 eggs

  • 1 ½ cup half & half

  •  2 cups shredded swiss cheese

  • Add your onions and broccoli

  •  Salt and Pepper to taste

  •  Bacon bits and/or handful of spinach instead of broccoli (optional)


-Stir and pour into casserole dish-


Bake for 40-50 minutes at 350 degrees




Best Ever Banana & Pumpkin Muffins:


Mix in a large bowl -


  • 4-6 bananas, mashed

  •  1 15oz canned pumpkin

  •   1 ½ c. sweetener

  •  2 eggs

  • 2/3 cup melted butter


Then Add –


  •  3 cups flour

  •  2 tsp baking soda

  • 2 tsp baking powder

  • 1 tsp salt

  •  1-2 bags of Chocolate Chips


-Bake at 375 degrees for 20 minutes-



Brianna Lynne

Judah James

Its been four months since I gave birth to our little Judah James. A little late for a post, but at least he gets a post, third child problems! This pregnancy was the hardest for me. I had horrible morning sickness that lasted about 16 weeks and  I was so uncomfortable by the last month I could barely sleep. That never happened with the girls, so by the time I was about 38 weeks I was just done. The joke was on my when my body decided to go to almost 42 weeks!

About 9 days past my due date, around 8 pm I went into false labor. I was having contractions abut 30 minutes apart for a few hours and I was getting really excited that the time was FINALLY arriving to get this child out of me. That lasted for about 3 hours and then my contractions just stopped. The interesting part is that my body did the same exact thing with Mercy. All I can say is when your baby is 9 pounds and your body plays that kind of trick on you 9 days past, its slightly devastating. I think I ate my weight in chocolate the next morning. :)

Sunday evening (the night I went into labor) I told Tim I was having contractions again that were staying consistent. It was 7 pm and I honestly didn't give it a second thought because of what had happened a few days prior. I also had been having contractions for a solid month so it seemed to appear as just another day. It wasn't until I started spotting that I knew this time may be different. I called the on call doctor (who happened to be my actual OB doctor) and she said to come in if I want. 

I was still in denial slightly so I decided to go to shower and go to bed incase this was the real deal. Side note: I went into labor with Mercy at 7pm at night as well. I was able to sleep (lightly) until about 1:30 am when I woke Tim up telling him my contractions had been 15 minutes apart for about 3 hours. I told him I still was not sure if I was in labor and thought the contractions would stop.  He laughed at me and rolled his eyes and said, "At what point will you believe you are in labor?" Brianna, your going to have this baby today!".  I started getting ready to head to the hospital around 3:30 am. All I remember of that early morning was going from the bed hunched over to the floor on all fours. 

My contractions started to pick up and get stronger and by about 4 am we started to headed to the hospital. I felt like the women you see in movies who labor in the car feeling every bump.  Just get me out! 

When we arrived to the hospital, the PA was shocked to check me and see I was already 6 cm. She acted really surprised and I could tell from the way she treated us when we first arrived she didn't think I was very dilated. Not my first rodeo, baby #3 was ready and so was I!

They put me in my delivery room and my contractions were strong and hard. More intense than the girls, but he was also a bigger baby. My hubby and doula were in the room assisting me and by 7am I felt the urge to push. Since I did not have an epidural I was free to move around and push as I like. So I pushed, and pushed and pushed. One hour later and still no baby.

So I kept pushing, and pushing and pushing changing up my position to allow baby to drop. Hour 2 and still no baby.

So I kept pushing and pushing and pushing and pushing. Hour 3 and still no baby. The doctors kept telling me I was the most quiet women they had every heard in labor. The nurses said that if they didn't look at me they would never have known I was in labor. But I felt EVERY second of it. The pain was so unbearable and I remember I kept praying to God to allow me to pass out because then I knew they would just take the baby out of me. However my vitals were great and so were baby's and my birth plan advised no c section unless medically necessary. Hindsight I was so happy for placing that in my birth plan, because in the moment knocking me out sounded amazing. But that was just the pain talking.

 At about 3 and a half hours of pushing I looked to Tim and said, "this is insane, I can't do this much longer". My contractions were at their peak, along with me pushing with all my might and at hour 4 my Judah James came out. 

The BEST feeling I may have ever felt in my life (his body leaving mine-sounds crazy to hear) and just like that the pain stopped. I don't know how that happens but once baby is out all pain ceases. Judah had a hard time coming down from my bones and was continually getting stuck. However with the amount of pushing and my position constantly changing it allowed for my pelvic bones to open up and for him to drop down. My doula told me that if I had taken an epidural I would have most likely received a c section. When on an epidural you have to lay in one position and without me moving the baby would have never dropped down. The horrible pain I went through in the end allowed my body to do what it was created to do without intervention. I had an amazing doctor who respected my wishes and allowed me to labor the way I wanted to since myself and baby were safe.

The women's body is amazing. Just amazing.  

We are 4 months in and loving every second with our Judah man. He loves people and is growing at a rapid pace. He looks and acts like a 6 month old and cut his first two bottom the other day. I just keep thanking God for our little man. He knows the desires of our heart, and my heart so badly wanted a boy. Well let me tell you, I got all boy! That little man is sooo attached to me and still does not take a bottle. I know it is only for a season though and soon enough he will probably be taller than me and wanting to take some girl on a date. Poor girl. I stole his heart first and its going to take a lot to let go. ;)

I hope you enjoyed a little sneak into our lives that special day. 


Daddys face when he saw Judah for the first time!

Daddys face when he saw Judah for the first time!

First Look!

First Look!

_MG_8054 copy.jpg
_MG_8001 copy.jpg
Face timeing my sister so she could see Judah

Face timeing my sister so she could see Judah

One of my favorite shots out of all of them- my father in law meeting his grandson&nbsp;

One of my favorite shots out of all of them- my father in law meeting his grandson 

Halo Bassinest

Happy Friday! Summer is flying by and we are trying to hold onto it as long as possible! The quicker it goes by also means the older little Judah James gets. He is officially 4 months old! I cannot believe it. My sweet boy is growing so fast but I still try and keep him close to me as much as possible. The first couple months of a babies life is so precious!

The last couple months of my pregnancy we looked into different bassinets for the baby and decided on the Halo. I knew I wanted something that I could put right up next to the bed or on the bed but also something that I could easily see the baby in. The HALO Bassinest was a perfect combination of both. There are two types of bassinet. One is a Glide Sleeper and the other Swivel Sleeper. We have the Glide slipper.


One aspect I love about the bassinet is the mesh walls. They make your baby visible at eye level so you don't have to get up to check on baby. The mesh walls also provide breathability so you don't have to worry if baby is receiving enough oxygen.

The side wall lowers when you apply pressure to it, making grabbing your little one super easy during the night. If you are a mama who had a C-section this is a great option for you. 

The bottom of the base glides across carpets and hard wood floors, which made it so easy for me to move from time to time when I wanted to get out of my side of the bed (where the baby was). The legs tuck under our bed and can be hidden from plain view.

There are also side pockets for keeping all of baby’s essentials, like diapers and any special creams you or baby may need during those first few weeks. 


Judah has just about outgrown his bassinest, but I am not ready to move him to a crib yet. He is my third baby and I feel like it is harder to move him into his own room than compared to my first baby. I want to keep him next to me as long as I can!

Let me know below if you have any questions about either bassinest below!



Brianna Lynne


Mamas Day out- Mani Pedi Style

Happy Monday Friends! If you are a local Rochester gal then you are probably wondering like the rest of us when Winter will end. It seems to just be dragging on and on, BUT we know it will end at some point! Spring has to show its pretty little face at one point or another.

A few weeks ago I visited Relax the Spa again for a manicure and pedicure, and had such a lovely time. I always have a wonderful experience but I loved my nail technician and we had some great conversation. Have you ever gone to the nail salon and sat there silently for an hour while they worked on your nails? It gets pretty awkward after a while, am I right? Gabrielle was my technician and she was so friendly. We chatted away the whole time talking abut babies, current events, and just life. She made the experience so much more relaxing. 


This was my second time attending Relax for a pedicure and I absolutely love the product line that they use. It is called Footlogix and it is so rich and creamy. I don't typically have dry feet or heels in the winter, but this product line always leaves them with such a hydrating feeling. The mousse and cream (which I have pictured for you) are my two favorite products from the line and I highly recommend them if you have dry feet. 

I received the classic manicure and pedicure on my last visit and did a gel nail add on. My nails stayed on for almost 3 weeks without chipping! It was amazing. One thing I did forget to take was aa picture of my nails after!! Typical pregnant brain, however if you look in a few of these photos you will see the baby blue color I choose in celebration of having a boy. 

The color I choose for spring and for baby boy!

The color I choose for spring and for baby boy!


I teamed up with Relax the Spa to give away a $50 gift card to one special reader and their friend! With spring right around the corner a little manicure or pedicure is not only the perfect pick me up, it also will add a little pep in your step with fabulous looking toes! Leave a comment below what you would prefer if you came to the spa: Mani or Pedi? That is all you have to do to enter! Winner will be announced next Monday!




Spoiled Mama Pregnancy Products

Today is my due date! Ahh!!! I cannot even believe I am saying that, but the time has come where this babe is being evicted soon. When he will actually decide to show his little face your guess is as good as mine. I typically go late with my babies so I am not expecting much to happen these next couple days.

Throughout my pregnancy I have been using Spoiled Mama Pregnancy creams and oils to prevent stretch marks. I gained some mild ones with Mercy but I don't believe I have gained any with this little man. A lot depends on genetics whether someone will gain marks or loose skin, but that doesn't mean we can't treat our skin special and try to avoid if possible!

Below I have listed the products I have been using from Spoiled Mama. I can honestly say I love each one of them and would recommend them to any mama to be. If one or any of these product catch your eye, use code BASPOIL18BF for 10% off!


The belly butter is a cocoa butter formula that is rich in vitamins A, E & essential fatty acids. This belly butter helps promote collagen and increases cell regeneration for firmer skin. The smell is light and refreshing which is perfect for the pregnant mama who can't handle any strong odors. It has an orange-chocolate scent, and if I was to recommend any one product from the set I would recommend this butter. It has such a smooth and creamy texture and absorbs into the skin right away. It does not leave my skin or clothes feeling greasy. I have been applying it twice a day and love the results. 

Tummy Butter found here



The bump gloss stretch mark oil feels so good to massage on the tummy! It has a unique blend of ten cold-pressed oils that add hydration and increases skin elasticity to your belly. It is enhanced with shea butter, olive oil, and vitamin E. It is rich in antioxidants and collagen-building components. This product is great to use pre and post baby. The bump gloss has a light lavender scent. I use it every night and sometimes I will use it after I shower. Typically I am not a fan of oils on my skin as they tend to be greasy, but I love the way this one feels.

Bump Gloss found here



This sugar scrub for stretch marks buffs away dull skin and helps increase elasticity. As the sugar dissolves, oils rich in essential fatty acids stay behind to lock in moisture and give you a dewy look. It has a peppermint and vanilla scent, so it arouses those senses and leaves such a good smell in the shower. Perfect for winter season when skin is dry and in need of some good love. I used this product about once a week so it has lasted a long time for me.

Body Polish found here


My girls have loved playing "spa" with me this pregnancy using these creams to massage over my skin. The other day I asked them to rub this gel on my ankles and they thought it was so much fun. I can't believe they actually enjoyed doing it, but I was not going to stop them! :) The gel has organic herbs, cucumber and spirulina to help soothe and revitalize your legs and feet. It also contains vitamins A and C. There is a slight cooling sensation that accompanies the gel, which has been such a help to my ankles. They have been swollen for sure these past few weeks being on them non stop and this gel has been such a treat. 

Happy Gel found here


Lastly I have been trying to drink this tea every day to prepare my uterus for labor. The Bottom of the Ninth Sippin’ Tea is a drink that helps Moms prepare for childbirth by strengthening and toning the growing uterus. The third trimester tea is safe for pregnancy and made with 100% organic ingredients. It contains vitamins, bioflavonoids and calcium-rich herbs proven to lower the chance of Cesarean sections and forceps birth. Um that should be enough reason to drink, am I right?! This loose organic tea contains whole herbs and comes with a tea strainer so you get the most from your herbs right away. The tea is infused with red raspberry, rose hip, nettle tea and oat straw. It also amps up your tea appearance and takes you to a whole new level of just a boring tea bag. It is the little things that count. :) It has a mild taste and honestly such a perfect mixture. It has been so enjoyable to drink. 
It is currently on sale and can be found HERE.



Dont forget to use code BASPOIL18BF for 10% off any of these products. I would recommend getting the set as each product has its own unique value and will make such a difference throughout your pregnancy. I am excited to use them AFTER baby as well to help recovery! 

Check back for baby updates as he will be arriving any day now!




An Arctic Berry facial for an Arctic Type of Day

Happy Tuesday!! Today has been a crazy run around day for me and I am looking forward to the end of the day. Who else feels the same way. I think I only sat the whole day when I was driving and my little lunch break (shared on Instagram stories) for about 15 minutes. This preggo mama's feet are DONE! 

A few weeks ago I received a facial from Relax the Spa, called Exotic Arctic Berry Peptide Specialized Facial. Say that ten times Fast! Morgan was my Esthetician and she did such an amazing job explaining all the details to me and what products were being used. 


I am someone who struggles with dry, dull skin in the winter months and pores that want to get larger like my ever growing belly. Not something any of us ladies want to have to deal with. When I booked the facial I really was not sure of the outcome as I had never received this specific facial prior and just sort of picked one that sounded good for my skin. 

The facial on the site is described below: "A deeply oxygenating and brightening treatment ideal for fatigued, pigmented and aging skins.  Complexion will appear completely revitalized and firm while pores become tightened and refined.  Helps with cellular repair and nourishes the skin combining botanical stem cells, hylauronic acid and retinol alternatives."

It left my skin so soft, with color and a glow that even pregnancy could not put forth. The skincare line that Morgan used on me was called Eminence and I really loved it! The last facial I received, the esthetician also used this skin care line and my skin reacted so well to it. Typically any kind of exfoliating peel will burn or irritate my skin, however this one did not. This organic line  is one I would highly recommend. The spa sells it right in house. The prices range on all products with some being pricier than others but you absolutely get what pay for. Plus the skin care line is organic and so natural for you. If you want some more details on this specific line you can read up on it here.


So lets talk oils. I am a BIG, BIG fan of them and use them on my girls or diffuse them almost every night. Relax has their own essential oil blend and I am OBSESSED!!!! The smell is that perfect blend of refreshing lemon, lavender, rosemary and geranium. They have used it every time I have received a service and it just so calm and relaxing to inhale. Hence the name! I always tell myself to buy a bottle when I go and I always forget when I leave. Next visit I am not leaving without that bottle! :)


If you saw my Instagram stories I took a poll to see who would prefer a facial or massage if you had the opportunity to visit the spa. Well I have teamed up with Relax to not only give away a $100 gift card, but also a gift card for a friend! Yes, two $100 giftcards!! How fun would that be to have a girls day out, or a special someone for a couples massage? All you have to do to enter is leave a comment below, or on my facebook page of what service you would choose if you won. Contest ends Friday night at 9pm. Good luck!!




My Favorite Baby Items and Boutiques

I am so excited to finally share this post with all of you! It has been a long time coming and I absolutely love all of these baby items! Our little man will be here in 5 weeks give or take and I am finally starting to feel like I am prepared. Since this is my third pregnancy, I have seen and used many baby items and this pregnancy I wanted to be very specific with what items I wanted. Mostly because I knew what I would and would not use from past experience. Below I have listed some of my favorite items that I cannot wait to surround baby Ford with!


I cannot get over how precious these two items are. One is a pacifier clip and the other is a rattle toy for the car seat. These items are every bit precious as they are in the pictures. Mercy (my youngest) would lose her pacifier ALL the time, and I only wish I knew about these adorable clips a few years ago. I reached out to Lidia because I loved all the tiny details that went into each item. I haven't seen any crocheted items similar to this before so when I saw it I knew I had to have it! Her crochet work is excellent and I would highly recommend her to all my mommy friends. You can find her Etsy site here.

Rookie Humans

One of my favorite things about Instagram is finding new shops. It seems like the possibilities are endless when you start browsing, similar to Google. However, sometimes you come across an account and you instantly fall in love with what you see. For me that was with Rookie Humans. These crib sheets are just the absolute cutest! We don't have baby boys crib set up yet so that is why you only see the mattress, but you have to take a minute and browse through all the different sheet options that are available. There is so much creativity in each one, completely untraditional from the sheets I am used to seeing in the stores. It makes the babies room that much more appealing! Rookie Humans Instagram account can be found here, along with their website here. I will be sure to add more pictures once the crib is all set up and baby boy is here!

Freshly Picked

I love, love this bag! If you saw my insta stories a few weeks ago I went into full details all about this bag. There are so many pockets and zippers on the inside and outside you never have to worry about not having enough room. I knew I wanted a backpack style diaper bag and when I found this brand on Insta and they had my favorite color I knew that was the diaper bag for me. It also comes with a long strap so if you prefer to wear it on your shoulder or as a crossbody bag you can style it that way as well. You will be seeing this on repeat! You can find this exact bag (along with a whole bunch of other adorable items) HERE.

Bare Faced Notions

When I was pregnant with my first I received a bight, pink Boppy pillow and used it all the time. When we found out we were having a girl for our next baby again it came in really handy. Well when baby #3 came along and we found out it was a boy, I knew I needed a new cover that was not screaming bubblegum pink. I did not want to go out and buy just any traditional cover so I went to good ole Insta and found, Bare Faced Notions. Alysse makes handmade covers for the Boppy Pillows and there were so many fabric options to choose from. I know you can buy covers from the store, but I wanted something that would be original and handpicked for babies nursery. I was able to customize the fabric for the top and bottom of the cover. When the package arrived in the mail it was so beautifully wrapped together with perfect instructions on how to apply the cover. Soooo easy to put on, took about 30 seconds and a little bit of arm muscle! Alysse also makes crib sheets, burp cloths, changing pad covers and much more on her Esty shop. You can find all the details right HERE.

Covered Goods

If you are looking for an item that does the work of 4 different things for the everyday busy mom life, I have the perfect thing for you. Covered Goods is a company that created a multi-use nursing cover and it is fantastic! It can be used as a nursing cover, carseat cover, scarf, and shopping cart cover. I want to know, where was this when I had my first baby?! :) The material is so buttery soft and stretchy. I cannot wait to be able to use this on the regular! It was hard for me to take pictures without the baby, so once he arrives be on the lookout for all the different ways I will be using it. It also could work as a blanket, especially if mom wears these as a scarf and leaves her scent on it. Baby will be able to snuggle up right next to it and drift off to sleep. These retail for only $34.99 and are worth every penny for all the uses you get out of them. Here is the website where you can see all the different fabric options they offer. 

Robins Lullaby Boutique

With each new baby means new opportunities to find baby products and I loved these little burp cloths by RobinsLullabyBoutique. I love supporting and sharing about other mom bosses and Robin is not only running her own business, she also is a mom to 3 little girls. Her Etsy shop has multiple items and you can have your child's name monogrammed on a bib or burp cloth. I love the personalization aspect for each item. Her handmade burp clothes are 100% cotton and much thicker then the average burp cloth you will find in a store. Perfect to throw in a diaper bag, baby supply bucket and would make amazing baby shower gifts! You can browse all her options and ADORABLE fabric prints right HERE, at her Esty shop.

Lollipop Baby Camera

There're so many baby monitors out there. So how do you choose just one? You find the monitor that can do it all. Lollipop baby monitors are the most unique monitor I have ever seen. First the design allows you to bend and mold the monitor to fit perfectly on the crib for babies one year and younger. Once the child grows past the first year, you can easily mount it to the wall. The baby monitor has an app that once you download you can livestream your baby sleeping. It also tracks data history, allowing you to track when baby cries or when their sleep is interrupted. The longer you use the monitor, the better you will be able to track what goes on in your little ones sleep. It also allows you to play music or white noise without having to go into babies room. There are additional features such as recording videos of baby and push to talk options. If you are looking for a modern high tech gadget, this is it! Here is a direct link for the monitor: Lollipop Baby Monitor. 


Last but certainly not least is BabySoy clothing. BabySoy is a clothing line that is not only chemical free but has won many awards such as the Parent Tested Parent Approved award and several others. Lets be honest, there are so many boutiques on the web to find adorable clothes for your littles. But do you know what those clothes are made out of? When those precious babies go from womb to arms, we as parents have to make every decision for them. Some decisions are easier than others and when it comes to an organic, chemical free clothing I am all for it. One less thing that can bring harm to my little one! I love the different collections BabySoy has to offer and variety of items. HERE is the full website where you can find all their products. 

So there you have it! Some of my favorite items and why. I would love to hear any feedback you may have about these items or any other baby related things you have seen and loved. Feel free to leave a comment or email me at




Relax the Spa

Happy Monday! I can't believe we are already halfway through February! It seems like time is flying by, which is okay with me because that means we are one day closer to spring. Spring time is one of my favorites for buying a new wardrobe, and I love all the spring fashions I am starting to see come out online and in stores. It also means we are one day closer to meeting our little man! will be here before I know it. I still need a few more weeks to prepare mentally, physically and to actually set his room up! :)

A few weeks ago Tim and I went to Relax Spa in Rochester to get massages. Relax is one of my favorites places to visit for many reasons, but I always leave feeling refreshed and calm. If you have heard me talk about the establishment in the past, you know I am obsessed with their robes! They are so comfortable and I always stay a couple of minutes after each visit just to lounge in them!

Tim is not a massage type of person by any means. It took quite a bit of coaxing to get him to agree upon a couples massage, but once we got in the room on the tables he was the one who kept talking. He owns his own remodeling business so receiving a Swedish massage was just what he needed.  I had to laugh because I know he enjoyed himself way more than what he ever thought he would!

Since I am pregnant I received the pregnancy massage. I had the sweetest masseuse, who applied gentle pressure but was firm enough to massage out the kinks in my back from carrying around the baby. They also use these amazing smelling oils (that they sell in house) that leave such a wonderful aroma in the air. They make them specifically for the spa, and I will for sure be buying a bottle in the near future just to diffuse in my house. 

These are the robes I rave about!

These are the robes I rave about!

I love grabbing a little snack before my service!

I love grabbing a little snack before my service!

Feeling amazing post massage!

Feeling amazing post massage!

Always a fantastic experience!

Always a fantastic experience!

I believe this was my third time at Relax and every experience seems to be better than the last. From walking into the front door where the receptionist greets you by opening the door for you, to walking out feeling refreshed and relaxed; Relax the Spa captures every element of bliss and relaxation wrapped into each experience. I will be back visiting tomorrow for a facial, so follow along on my Instagram stories for a behind the scenes look of what goes on behind those solid wood doors. I also will be doing a giveaway so keep your eyes opened for that as well! Let me now if you have any questions that I can answer!