Halo Bassinest

Happy Friday! Summer is flying by and we are trying to hold onto it as long as possible! The quicker it goes by also means the older little Judah James gets. He is officially 4 months old! I cannot believe it. My sweet boy is growing so fast but I still try and keep him close to me as much as possible. The first couple months of a babies life is so precious!

The last couple months of my pregnancy we looked into different bassinets for the baby and decided on the Halo. I knew I wanted something that I could put right up next to the bed or on the bed but also something that I could easily see the baby in. The HALO Bassinest was a perfect combination of both. There are two types of bassinet. One is a Glide Sleeper and the other Swivel Sleeper. We have the Glide slipper.


One aspect I love about the bassinet is the mesh walls. They make your baby visible at eye level so you don't have to get up to check on baby. The mesh walls also provide breathability so you don't have to worry if baby is receiving enough oxygen.

The side wall lowers when you apply pressure to it, making grabbing your little one super easy during the night. If you are a mama who had a C-section this is a great option for you. 

The bottom of the base glides across carpets and hard wood floors, which made it so easy for me to move from time to time when I wanted to get out of my side of the bed (where the baby was). The legs tuck under our bed and can be hidden from plain view.

There are also side pockets for keeping all of baby’s essentials, like diapers and any special creams you or baby may need during those first few weeks. 


Judah has just about outgrown his bassinest, but I am not ready to move him to a crib yet. He is my third baby and I feel like it is harder to move him into his own room than compared to my first baby. I want to keep him next to me as long as I can!

Let me know below if you have any questions about either bassinest below!



Brianna Lynne