Spoiled Mama Pregnancy Products

Today is my due date! Ahh!!! I cannot even believe I am saying that, but the time has come where this babe is being evicted soon. When he will actually decide to show his little face your guess is as good as mine. I typically go late with my babies so I am not expecting much to happen these next couple days.

Throughout my pregnancy I have been using Spoiled Mama Pregnancy creams and oils to prevent stretch marks. I gained some mild ones with Mercy but I don't believe I have gained any with this little man. A lot depends on genetics whether someone will gain marks or loose skin, but that doesn't mean we can't treat our skin special and try to avoid if possible!

Below I have listed the products I have been using from Spoiled Mama. I can honestly say I love each one of them and would recommend them to any mama to be. If one or any of these product catch your eye, use code BASPOIL18BF for 10% off!


The belly butter is a cocoa butter formula that is rich in vitamins A, E & essential fatty acids. This belly butter helps promote collagen and increases cell regeneration for firmer skin. The smell is light and refreshing which is perfect for the pregnant mama who can't handle any strong odors. It has an orange-chocolate scent, and if I was to recommend any one product from the set I would recommend this butter. It has such a smooth and creamy texture and absorbs into the skin right away. It does not leave my skin or clothes feeling greasy. I have been applying it twice a day and love the results. 

Tummy Butter found here



The bump gloss stretch mark oil feels so good to massage on the tummy! It has a unique blend of ten cold-pressed oils that add hydration and increases skin elasticity to your belly. It is enhanced with shea butter, olive oil, and vitamin E. It is rich in antioxidants and collagen-building components. This product is great to use pre and post baby. The bump gloss has a light lavender scent. I use it every night and sometimes I will use it after I shower. Typically I am not a fan of oils on my skin as they tend to be greasy, but I love the way this one feels.

Bump Gloss found here



This sugar scrub for stretch marks buffs away dull skin and helps increase elasticity. As the sugar dissolves, oils rich in essential fatty acids stay behind to lock in moisture and give you a dewy look. It has a peppermint and vanilla scent, so it arouses those senses and leaves such a good smell in the shower. Perfect for winter season when skin is dry and in need of some good love. I used this product about once a week so it has lasted a long time for me.

Body Polish found here


My girls have loved playing "spa" with me this pregnancy using these creams to massage over my skin. The other day I asked them to rub this gel on my ankles and they thought it was so much fun. I can't believe they actually enjoyed doing it, but I was not going to stop them! :) The gel has organic herbs, cucumber and spirulina to help soothe and revitalize your legs and feet. It also contains vitamins A and C. There is a slight cooling sensation that accompanies the gel, which has been such a help to my ankles. They have been swollen for sure these past few weeks being on them non stop and this gel has been such a treat. 

Happy Gel found here


Lastly I have been trying to drink this tea every day to prepare my uterus for labor. The Bottom of the Ninth Sippin’ Tea is a drink that helps Moms prepare for childbirth by strengthening and toning the growing uterus. The third trimester tea is safe for pregnancy and made with 100% organic ingredients. It contains vitamins, bioflavonoids and calcium-rich herbs proven to lower the chance of Cesarean sections and forceps birth. Um that should be enough reason to drink, am I right?! This loose organic tea contains whole herbs and comes with a tea strainer so you get the most from your herbs right away. The tea is infused with red raspberry, rose hip, nettle tea and oat straw. It also amps up your tea appearance and takes you to a whole new level of just a boring tea bag. It is the little things that count. :) It has a mild taste and honestly such a perfect mixture. It has been so enjoyable to drink. 
It is currently on sale and can be found HERE.



Dont forget to use code BASPOIL18BF for 10% off any of these products. I would recommend getting the set as each product has its own unique value and will make such a difference throughout your pregnancy. I am excited to use them AFTER baby as well to help recovery! 

Check back for baby updates as he will be arriving any day now!