Windy day in the Roc

I have a good friend here in Rochester who has been taking pictures for my blog. We both are newbies to the fashion blogging world and are figuring out how to take the perfect picture while still keeping them candid. This last shoot was so much fun and had more laughter than what I was expecting. Mostly because it was pointed towards me! It was a windy, rainy day and the wind was whipping my hair back and forth (did you sing that last line? ;) making me look quite bald. You see I have a forehead that could put Tyra Banks to shame and the pictures were coming out quite disastrous. But laughter is the best medicine and I am totally ok with it! A good friend tells you like it is, and I am thankful for her.


This shirt courtesy of Make Me Chic is so fun to wear! It has everything that is currently trending: off the shoulder, bell sleeves, and tunic style. I ran into the grocery store after we took pictures and received compliments when I was checking out in line. It is definitely a must have in every ladies closet for a trending top. It can be worn to any event and can be dressed up or down. I chose to pair it with jeans, but it would look just as great with white pants or white shorts.

The white tote was a TJ Maxx find a few months ago and these heels are Journey brand. I bought the heels in my mall at a store called "The Undergroud Station". I have looked everywhere for a similar pair and yet to find one. I really wish I could, because these are one of my favorite pairs of shoes!

If you like what you see you can shop the look below! Also, if you enter your email on the make me chic website you can receive you first purchase for 20% off. I LOVE a good steal! 

XOXO Brianna