My little Redheaded Photographer

I love blogging! It has been so much fun to do. I have met such wonderful people and learned so much already in just a few short months. One thing I noticed is that finding a photographer can be a little difficult. Fortunately I have an awesome hubby, who helps me out from time to time but he has an extremely busy work life which does not always allow him to take pictures for me.

I just bought a new Nikon camera and am LOVING the pictures I get from it. I knew that I needed to snap a few of this amazing new fall blouse but what does a girl do when everyone is at their job? She puts her five year old to work! I had a crazy idea that my little girl could hold the camera still enough to take some pictures. I was desperately praying the entire time she would not drop it on the pavement. Quite risky I know, but I had faith she knew what she was doing. To my surprise she actualy took some awesome pictures! She may just be a little photographer in the making.


When I saw this blouse online I knew I needed it in my wardrobe for fall. It has the OTS sleeves and perfect fall colors. My hubby called me a sexy lumberjack. Not sure how to take it, but as long as he is happy I am happy.

We are going camping so today's blog is short and sweet. Hooray for the weekend right around the corner!

XOXO Brianna


V-Neck Checkered Blouse

Black Hat

Black Pants

Black Booties