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Ok Lets talk hair! My hair has changed very much over the past six years. Prior to having children I had fine, super wavy, semi thin hair that kept a curl all day long. In high school I even won the award for “Best Hair” my senior year. I was the girl who would wake up early in the morning to do her hair when most other high school students were trying to catch those last five minutes before the buzzer went off.

Fast toward ten years and two kids later and my hair is totally different. In the past I would have ringlets and voluminous hair and now it tends to fall flat shortly after being blow-dried and is pin straight. Isn’t it crazy how much hormones can change a persons hair? I know I am not the only mom out there who experienced a 180! I have heard so many stories.

I have used different hair extensions in the past. Some have been awful, where the hair has disintegrated when a curling iron touches them and others have been ok to use, but only provided a few uses.

When I received my Irresistible Me hair extensions in the mail I was so excited to try them! The package provides you with several different size clips, allowing you to decide how thick and full you would like your hair to be. They are 100% human hair and curl the same way as the hair on top of my head does. 

When picking out my extensions on their website I was able to decide on what color and length I wanted to choose. In all honesty I was very nervous I had picked the wrong color, however when I placed the clips in my hair they matched perfectly! You would never be able to tell the difference.

I personally cut my extensions so they blended better with my hair length. When placing the clips in your own personal hair if you do NOT put them in right they can hurt do to pulling on hair. You need to make sure that any hair that is not going to be placed in the clips is out of the way. For example, taking your hair by sections and pulling up and out of your way will guarantee no fly away hair will get stuck. I learned a great tip a few years ago: Tease the hair that you plan on placing the clips in. This not only allows the clips to sit better in your hair, it helps alleviate strain on your hair. I like to use the large weft at the bottom on my hair. Because it is larger, there is a little bit of weight placed on my head. If I tease my hair and then place the clips in it helps with the weight and I can wear my extensions all day long. 

These extensions are so easy! I love that they are low maintenance and low commitment. I even use them for braids! They are so versatile and can be worn in multiple different ways. They only add about 2 minutes more to my routine in the morning. 2 minutes!! And those are the days I feel like they need to be curled again. SO easy! I highly recommend them! Take a look at the irresistible me website and browse all the different options they have. In the next week I will have another post with different styles that can be worn with these extensions. Cant wait to show you all!!

XOXO Brianna

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