Basic is Best: Jumpsuits

Good Morning and happy Tuesday! I hope your week is off to a great start. I am really excited about this series I am doing, "Basic is Best" and I hope you are as well. It is my desire to be able to share some helpful tips wth you, in hopes to making your shopping experience a little easier and more budget friendly. Did you know that you can click on any of the pictures and it will take you right to the link where you can purchase the outfit? Technology has made online shopping such a breeze!

I have a busy week so I am going to jump right into things and tell you why jumpsuits are the best! Whoever brought the trend back I am so thankful! I think jumpsuits can be such a trendy fun look and with the right material super comfortable. The number one key to finding the right jumpsuit is SHAPE, SHAPE, SHAPE! If the jumpsuit you are looking at does not have a cinched waist, belt, or tie around it.......put it down! Why they even make them that way is beyond me, but it will give you no shape and look unflattering. Again just like the maxi a flattering material to look for would be rayon. Rayon can be soft and allow a soft flow/fall to the material but I suggest going with a thicker material. Thin material in the right light sometimes is not a woman's best friend.  :(

So how to find the right one for each body?

Petite: Look for a high neck collar as this can elongate your torso and create the illusion of added height. The edge of the pants should lay right above the ankle and should fit nice and snug. Pairing the jumpsuit with heels that have thin straps allows the outfit to flow, not directing the eye to any one specific spot.

Tall/Slender: Being thin and tall has its perks but also can easily lose shape in an outfit. I love the look of a sweetheart jumpsuit. This draws your eye to the sweetheart neckline added some dimension to the outfit. Always look for a fitted or cinched waist so the jumpsuit does not appear as just a simple onesies. Onsies are for kids for a reason, they lack shape! A traditional skinny leg typically always look best on a jumpsuit, but if you love a good retro look a wide leg jumpsuit is perfect for the office!

Curvy: I had someone tell me, "I don't look good in a jumpsuit. I just can't make it look right." WRONG! You can, you just need to find the right one. Make sure the waist is fitted. Next, if you are feeling insecure find a suit that distracts your eye and brings it to a specific spot. Off the shoulder, one sleeve, and lace typically draws your eye first. Lastly the pants portion needs to be fitted (not snug) and tapered at the bottom. 

Shoes?? Think simple. The jumpsuit is already a fashion statement in itself, the shoes should compliment the look. I love the look of a thin strappy heel, that elongates the leg and gives the appearance of added height. If you prefer flats, I would try not to pair it with anything lace up, as this may cause too much distraction at the end of the pant preventing the flow from pant to shoe. Simple neutral colors.


I listed several suggestions below that hopefully will catch your eye. If you have any questions, or want a second opinion on another outfit shoot me an email at or send me a DM on Insta, @savvygirlsstyle. I would love to help any way I can!




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