I'd walk the line...only in comfy shoes

Happy Friday Friends! Love when the weekend rolls around. It has been a crazy couple weeks over here with the new baby. He has had some minor health issues so we have been going to lots of doctor appointments and I have been recovering (third baby has been the hardest) but everything has been looking good and we are so thankful for it. I am ready to get into a new routine of life and adjust. Whatever that looks like. :)


I took the kids for our first walk yesterday around the college next to us and it felt so good to be outside. Has the weather around you been crazy? We are suppose to get snow on Sunday AGAIN!! Where is global warming? If that is a thing, it would be great for it to come our way a little. We need some heat waves around here. :)

This Spring and Summer our family will be doing a lot of walking. I still have 4 weeks left before I can technically work out again post baby, so I will be walking as much as possible to burn off this leftover baby fat, or should I say baby love. I do not have very good arches so shoes right now are so important as I recover. In the pictures shown I am wearing shoes from the Revere line. Revere shoes are high quality comfort footwear for all seasons and any occasion. They have a wide variety of shoes to choose from, all created to provide comfort. They are not just exclusive to women as they have a mens line as well. 

The shoes I am wearing are called Rhodes Ballet Flats and come in two different colors. Champagne, which is what I am wearing and also in black. I liked that the style was one that I could just throw on with a pair of jeans and head out that door. That is the season of life I am in, always seem to be rushing out the door so I need my shoes and clothes to be able to keep up.

Most people will tell you a good pair of shoes in worth investing in. This statement could not be more true! I would love to hear about some of your favorite styles you are seeing this spring! Shoot me a comment below!