Tuesday Shoesday

It's Tuesday which means I am sharing all things shoes! I have been struggling staying healthy this week so todays post will be short and sweet if that is okay with you, so I can get back to resting. This virus/bug sure is kicking my butt, any tips on how to shake it off? Vitamin C is not working as fast as I would like it...

Both of these pairs of boots are from the brand Corkys. I have seen the brand several times in retail stores and was so excited to be able to have a pair of my own to try. Let me just say these boots are hands down some of the most comfortable shoes I own. The inserts inside the shoe are super soft and made them comfortable to wear even without socks. The wedge boots were perfect in the snow and never left my feet feeling cold, something that can be hard to accomplish on a shoes without being a snow or rain boot.  I wore the booties to a conference recently at my church that lasted all day and I had no issues at all.

Now that the warm air is slowly starting to come through I can't wait to wear these booties with maxis and sun dresses. I even wore them without socks and they didn't make my feet sweat like crazy. If you haven't heard of Corkys before, jump over to their site and browse around. Find something you love? Use Coupon Code: BRIANNA30 for 30% off all purchases. How about that for a great deal?! Shop the Shoes below:




There is also a great BOGO sale going on now as well! Stock up on all those spring and summer trends you have been eyeing!