Oliver Bilou

One of the best things about Instagram is coming across new and different accounts. I stumbled upon Oliver Bilou, a handbag website for the sophisticated lady. They feature three different bags and I instantly feel in love with all of them! My bag of choice was the deep blue vegan leather bag called, Amy. Amy is the epitome of a sophisticated handbag with a trendy twist. I love that the bag features tassels on the side. It has just enough fringe detail to make the bag pop. 

Being a busy mom, bags are very important in my day to day routine. I need something that can carry all of my essentials while still leaving room for diapers and wipes for my little one. I am past the stage of diaper bags but still have to carry a few things for my little ones, and this size bag is perfect for just that. It is the perfect size and proportion for any outfit. Not too big and not to small. 

As much as these bags are beautiful what the company stands for serve’s even a better purpose. A portion of the proceeds collected from these bags goes to charities that support children in developing countries. How amazing is that?! We lived in such a blessed country and I love that this company realizes that and is willing to share the love and wealth. Take a minute ti check out their website, and limited collection and handbags.





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