Hazel and Mae and Husbands

Lets talk dresses....ok that pun was clearly intended! :) I am always looking for dresses that I can wear that are fashionable and modest. With summer fashion in full swing, most of the dresses I have been seeing online and in the stores have not been very mom friendly. One bend to pick up your child and every one behind gets a fantastic show. I am all about shows, but those are meant for my husband. In the bedroom. Not for everyones viewing please.

When I came across Hazel and Mae Boutique, I fell in love with their dresses right away. My personal style tends to be on the feminine side and if you follow me long enough you know I love a good floral pattern. Hazel and Mae has so many cute dresses, I promise you that you will want to buy more than one.

Ok, lets talk material. If I could physically hand this dress over to you through the computer I would in a heartbeat. The best way for me to describe the material of this dress would be "cotton silk". It is so, so comfortable!  When I first slipped it on, I was surpised at how thick the dress was. It had an expensive feel to it, with enough air movement so the summer heat did not leave me with sweat stain like some others dresses I have worn in the past. Ya feel me!? I would recommend this dress hands down to anyone that asked, and I do not say that lightly. I am a stickler for comfortable clothes and this one ranks #1!

Take a look around the shop, you will be happy you did! 

XOXO Brianna


The Georgia Dress

High Heels


Dunes 728x90