When life throws those lemons.......

Ok lets get honest here. Lately I have been struggling with mommyhood. It is wonderful and special and the fact that I can stay at home (part time) with my girls is such a gift.  However if you have been around the sun a few times you know that some gifts are not always what we expected. That same concept can be applied. I love my girls with every fiber in my body, but there are days, more often than not that the bickering, shouting and plain ole drama become to much to handle. For whatever reason, God desiged my little angels to be passionate, high strung and emotional (I just decsribed all females pretty much) and I am learning daily how to handle that. Now add being a wife, and working, and life and then if time allows, things that I enjoy. It can be a stuggle trying to find the balance. 

Life does not come with a guidline. Oh, I wish it would! No matter how many times I can search google I will never find the perfect answer how to be a mother. It will give me a thousand opinion of others or say I am dying of a rare disease. Google is famous for misdiagnosing if you havent figured that one out yet.

I have noticed  a huge difference however if I have not read my bible.  When I am not reading God's word daily you know what happens? Discontentment sets in. Comparison starts to ransack my brain. Anger invades and makes me quick tempered and all the sudden my responisbilities just became a chore. The joy in raising two healthy beautiful girls has now became a nuisance and by 9am I am ready to go back to bed and bury my head.

The days I read my bible and pray are STILL hard! That part does not change, but what changes is my hearts attitude. I have strength to get through the day. I find more joy in the mundane and my complaints start to subside because I have allowed Gods word to sink into my heart and move me. This Christian life I walk is not easy, but Gods grace guides me and directs me to make better choices and live a life that is focused more on others and less on my own selfishness. To any moms, or any one else I hope I can encourage you today! Find joy in what you are called to do!


XOXO Brianna

This shirt was such a fun and cute top to wear! I love the off the shoulder look, but still maintaining a shirt appearamce. This top seems to be more practical for children. Especially when they want to pull and tug on your clothes. One tug too hard and there goes a free show to anyone around! Oh those kiddos! The bag was a TJ Maxx find, and you know how those go. Almost impossible to find online. Check with your local store.


White Lemon Print Cold Shoulder Ruffle Top

White Ripped Jeans

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