"Wood time is it Mr.Fox" Giveaway

My daughters and I have started to play a new favorite game, "What time is it Mr. Fox"? My youngest who is almost 2, does not quite understand and likes to yell "Fox" every time. It is the cutest thing! My older daughter who is starting kindergarten in a few weeks, loves to play and I am realizing it is a great transition into teacher her time.

In our house, the only place to find the time is on the microwave. Other than that we use our cell phones. We used to have alarm clocks, but those eventually just took up too much space and we eneded up getting rid of them. Being able to look at our cell phone for time is wonderful however if my phone is close by I am going to most likely be on it. There are so many amazing apps I can distract myself with, and before I know it I have wasted 30 minutes that could have been spent with my girls. That is why having a watch is so nice. It allows me to keep distractions at bay, and focus on the more important things in life.

Woodwatches sent me this beautiful watch that I cannot stop swooning over. It has such a unique look to it, I have never seen a design like this before! I love candy, ESPECIALLY arm candy and this watch makes dressing up a little bit more fun. You can find this exact style here.

I have teamed up with Jord to give one winner a $75 e-voucher towards any watch of their choosing. Everyone else who enters will receive a $20 e-voucher that can be applied to any watch on our website. Entering the giveaway is simple! All you have to do, is enter you email address. It takes 10 seconds! Click here to enter. The giveaway will remain open until August 26. The winner will be notified by email the day after. May the odds ever be in your favor!

XOXO Brianna

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