How to Choose a Makeup Brush Set

Brushes Galore! So if you are a makeup guru or a newbie we all have to start at the same place, finding a brush that works best for you! Makeup brushes play such a vital role in apply those beauty products we all spend so much money on. You don’t ever see a painter using their fingers to paint a wall, same reason why you should always use a brush or some type of applicator when apply your makeup.

There are many benefits to using brushes instead of your fingers when applying makeup. You'll get a more of an even coverage using a brush, and a better polished finish. It's also more sanitary to use a brush, especially if you have problematic skin that breaks out easily. I unfortunately fall in that category, so I have to make sure I wash my brushes weekly. Side Tip: There are many wonderful brush cleansers out there, however if you do not feel like shelling out the extra money you can always use baby shampoo. Cheaper and just as safe to cleanse with.

So how to pick a brush: Start with the basics. A foundation brush, blush brush, and eye shadow brush. A foundation brush should be your first purchase. A clean, even complexion will make the rest of your makeup look cleaner and appear brighter. I have been using this oval brush set from Sammy dress and I really like the way they apply. For the price point I think they do a really great job. It takes a few tries to get the hang of holding them, and at times I feel like I should be brushing my teeth with them however they are conviently sized and perfect for on the go. After your foundation choose a blush brush. Blush brushes can be used for multiple different purposes, so if I need to highlight or contour I can always use the same brush. I like to keep them all separate so the makeup does not all mix together.

When buying your set, youtube some makeup tutorials to show how to properly use them. Ever wonder why some sets come with 5 different angled eyeshadow brushes? They actually ALL have a purpose. Plus you can receive some great how-to’s on some easy everyday looks.

I also have listed some additional favorite sets below. I linked all different price points, but keeping them all under $50.