Four under 4

The other day I went to Walmart and as I was there I was greeted several times with a comment about my children. Some were..”wow you've got your hands full”...”are they twins?” …"you don't get much down time do ya?”...I could go on but I think you get the picture. I have to admit, me shopping with all four of the kids is rather amusing. One of those if you don't laugh you cry type amusing for me. See as a mom to four amazing human beings, with the eldest being four years old, you have to laugh at life. Or you will most definitely sob. People often comment about the kids for two reasons. First because of the twins; which of course is awesome... (I love being a twin mom it's a whole experience that I just can't believe is mine to enjoy) but mostly people comment because of the number of small children we have. I don't mind the comments, it's great to meet people and talk to other adults (Because I don't get to do that much!) I just find it interesting how different people think I am because of the kids.  To me it's not that unusual. My grandmas both had eight children and my mom birthed ten children. In the early twentieth century it wasn't uncommon to see a mom with five or more kids but, we live in a different world and I guess that means we as a family stick out a bit. However we don't mind!

  I don't think of myself as a super mom really, to me that means I'm better than the average mom which I assure you I'm not. Sure, my life has struggles that are perhaps a little different than others because of the ages of the kids right now and how close they are. I mean, I never thought bed time would be a struggle in my life. I love sleep!!. My kids on the other hand don't favor it as well! When we go some where and let them loose it's like an immediate dispersal of chaos in four different directions... and to herd ( yes I said herd) them all back makes you feel like a pro cattle rancher rounding up the cattle. It's crazy and sometimes stressful I won't lie! However, truth be told every mom is a super mom to her kids. It's amazing to me how forgiving and loving small children are!


As moms we can get stuck in the trap of comparisons and doubts. We need to remember that our children are ours for a reason. God saw fit to make YOU your child's mommy.. don't doubt Gods’ sovereignty by thinking your not cut out for the job, or saying that other moms are so much better than you. There are areas in every ones life that can be improved and being mom is a selfless job, so naturally it's difficult. That doesn't mean we can't be the mom God wants us to be for our children.  Don't be afraid of constructive criticism we can grow into more mature mommas by applying good advice.

 I have to choose everyday to see my kids as individuals that I have but a few short years to influence.

 I have a goal for my children to become God fearing respectable adults. Because I have a goal, I can aim everyday at a mark. Some days I miss terribly some days we hit the bullseye, but if there is no mark you surely won't hit it. I guess what I'm trying to say is have a purpose to your everyday parenting. No matter how many kids God has given you... we are super mom to our kids!