To the Woman who has gone before me...

I see you sitting there across the room. You have a gentle presence about you. Your hair is styled, clothes look presentable and your smile shows a sign of a content heart. I am slightly jealous of you. The stage of life I am in is wonderful however the challenges have been strong. My hair is made up of 90% dry shampoo, the bags under my eyes cannot be concealed, and my clothes are still slightly wrinkled although I spent the morning trying to iron them. I argued the whole way to church with my husband over nonsense matters and my heart’s attitude is not where it should be for a Sunday morning.

You see God gave me a wonderful husband. I could not be more proud and thankful for him and he is everything I am not. He constantly portrays patience to my ever hasty self and is a true example of Christ. However God also gave me you. A woman who has gone before me and experienced life’s trials as a mother and wife. Someone who has been through the trenches, experienced loss and heartache, and has come out on the other side praising God. I need you. I need you more than you know. You have gems of wisdom. If time allowed I would sit down with every one of you to glean as much as possible. I may appear to have things together but I am still a young mom who needs the guidance of those who have gone before her. There have been a few questions on my heart that I want to ask you:

When you see my smile slightly broken will you hug me?

When my face is flustered because my children are not listening will you walk up and encourage me?

If you have not seen me in church for a few weeks will you call me just to say hello?

If our eyes lock at church will you smile at me?

When you see my girls run by will you wave to them?

When you see my husband and I together will you say a quick pray that God continues to strengthen our marriage?

Will you give me advice? Especially when I do not ask for it?

If my actions at any point are questionable will you loving pull me aside and talk to me about them?

I don’t ever want you to feel forgotten or not needed in this generation. If anything you are needed now more than ever. With each new phase of life I enter I realize more and more that your wisdom and grace is so beneficial to young moms such as myself. Titus 2 speaks of counsel from the “aged woman” to the “young woman”. I am here. I am listening, I am watching, and I am learning from you. You are a blessing to me and I pray that maybe someday I can lead an example such as yours to those around me.