Keep Looking Forward


Mondays should be short and sweet and so should every blog post that you read today.

At least this one will be. :) 

Last week was one of those weeks for me I wish I could erase from history, have a do-over and start fresh. Every day seemed to escalate from the previous and I found myself slipping into all kinds of directions. I felt like Peter walking on water….let me rephrase that, Peter sinking in the water and desperately looking around for a life boat to bring me to shore.

I will be the first to admit, I had slacked on my Bible reading that week and that left the door wide open for Satan to walk in and make himself comfortable. And he did just that…walked around leaving ideas of confusion, anger, frustration, and discouragement. It was not long before I had realized I had taken my eyes off the prize. Jesus.

I was busy looking all around for an answer, rather than looking straight ahead for the ONLY answer. It is so easy to become consumed with your own life that you start to find places to FIT God in, rather than fitting YOURSELF in Gods will.

 Keep your eyes on Jesus.

When you feel yourself slipping and becoming distracted, keep looking straight ahead.

When your burdens become to heavy to bear, keep looking straight to Jesus.

Grab your coffee, scribble bible verses to carry around with you, and lean on Jesus. Just keep looking forward.

The amazing part? If you find yourself struggling by Wednesday, his mercies are new every morning. Start fresh the next day. HALL-E-LU-JAH!

Remember, Jesus IMMEDIATELY stretched his hand out and caught Peter. How much more will he be ready to catch you.


“Look unto Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith…”