Therapeutic Massage and Bodyworks Day Spa

A few weeks ago I was able to experience a relaxing massage at Therapeutic Massage and Bodyworks Day Spa in Gates. I was very much looking forward to having a relaxing hour to myself with no kids, husband or work. When I first walked into the day spa I was greeted by Jamie with a big smile. Jamie is the owner and as friendly as can be.  They say you have seven seconds to make a first impression and Jamie made me feel like I had been a friend for years.

She gave me a brief tour of the spa where the services range from massages to facials and even nails. Within the spa there are seven different employees that work. If you visit the website you can read a little bio about each woman, getting to know them a little better.

Before my massage, Jamie walked me next door to her best friend’s hair Salon, Tina Cimino Studio. The two ladies in the near future will be adjoining the two buildings together. The studio had a very modern feel to it with affordable prices. Tina was just as welcoming and friendly to meet.

The appointment I made with Jamie was an hour, full body massage. I have received many massages in the past and I can honestly say Jamie was one of, it not my favorite. She had the perfect amount of pressure and was very in tune to my concerns with my back. I don’t EVER fall asleep unless I am at home in my bed and I caught myself multiple times dozing off on the table. Jamie not only made me feel comfortable the entire time but did a fantastic job working out my knots in my upper back.

If you are someone who loves a little “me” time but does not always have the finances, the spa was very reasonably priced. I am very much looking forward to going back within the near future. Maybe after all the holiday food has had time to settle :)  If you are a Rochester Resident, take a minute to peek at the website.





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Mywalit at Parkleigh

Hey Rochester natives! I have some exciting news! Mywalit will be at Parkleigh this Saturday from 12-4pm showcasing their products. Mywalit is an Italian brand of designer leather wallets, bags, coin purses and handbags. mywalit is brand made of colour, creativity and fun.

This crossover bag that is featured above is such high quality! I love the way the bag conforms to me and is not stiff. The quality of leather is very high and does not have a strong leather smell like some other products that I own. I am very pleased all around with the quality and look of the product! It has my approval for sure!

Mywalit is known for their bold colors in their products and I love the shade of green in my bag above. If you are specifically looking to upgrade your bag to a fine leather quality, take some time to come down to Parkleigh on Park Ave this Saturday. The first 20 guests will receive a free leather key chain! If you go, leave me a comment below and tell me how your experience was! I would love to hear!




Wood House Day Spa

A few weeks ago I was able to have my first experience at the Woodhouse Day Spa.  To say I was excited was an understatement! I suffer from eczema year round which results in dry, flaky skinny. I am always on the prowl for an effective way to combat this condition, so when the morning came for my hydrafacial I could hardly wait to see the results!

When I arrived at the spa I was greeted by Pelin with a giant smile. She walked me back to the ladies dressing room and gave me a little tour of where to put my belongings. Hanging on the locker door was a bathrobe I was able to undress into and some comfortable slip ons. Before I keep going I have to share a little about the robes at the spa. Oh my, they are incredible! They must be the most comfortable, fluffiest, silkiest robes I have ever seen in my life. The robes are sold in the salon and I think on my next visit I just might have to bring one home. Ok lets keep going!

   Take a few minutes to relax in "The Quiet Room" before your appointment with a cup of coffe                                                                        or tea!

Take a few minutes to relax in "The Quiet Room" before your appointment with a cup of coffee or tea!

When I had secured all my belongings in a locker I walked across the hall and into the “quiet room”. The quiet room is a peaceful, cozy room designed to bring a relaxing atmosphere to the busy lady or gentleman. There is a fireplace, chairs, blankets and drinks available for you to unwind and take a few minutes to digress. 

After several minutes Jessica, my esthetician greeted me and took me back to the room where they performed the facials. As you can see in the photos above, a hydrafacial is performed by the esthetician who uses a machine to do the majority of the work. So what exactly is a hydrafacial? The hydradermabrasion treatment reduces the look of fine lines and wrinkle’s by a deep cleansing method. It also infuses your skin with antioxidants and hydrating hyaluronic acid. Throughout the process I was a little concerned there may be burning or irritation on my skin from the products, however it was very mild. Towards the end of your facial a moisturizing mask is used and while this sits on your face, your esthetician will massage your hands and feet. An added bonus! 

At the end of the facial Jessica brought me a tube that contained basically all my waste from my skin that the machine collected. I am going to be honest, it was not pretty. Not at all! The machine had collected all my impurities and was just there for my viewing pleasure. As much as I was appalled, I was able to see just how great this machine worked at clearing up my skin. Jessica kept telling me your skin looks so vibrant you should feel it! Afraid to look into the mirror and find my skin bright red and irritated (the way it has been in the past with facials) I was shocked to see my skin clearer, brighter, and smoother. I was highly impressed!

After I changed back into my clothes and checked out at the front desk, the Manger Nicole gave me a tour of the facility. She was such a sweetheart and very personable. I am very big on first impressions and Nicole made me feel right at home, like I was part of the family. She showed me each room used for massages and pedicures and I was already envisioning how great my next appointment would be! My overall experience at the spa was so wonderful! The results of my facial are still evident and it has been two weeks now. I keep sharing with friends and family just how unique this spa truly is and I am so glad that I can share my experience with you! The Woodhouse Day Spa is not just a local spa, so if you live outside of Rochester you can google the closest location to you. Take a minute to look at their website and read about the services they offer. I promise you, there will be at least one you have never heard of! If you have been fortunate enought to have visited the spa in the past leave me a comment below and tell me your favorite part!!

The Woodhouse Day Spa


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Salon Eleganza

Last month I was able to attend Salon Eleganzas 10th anniversary event. WOW, is all I can say! I was expecting to show up to the salon with about thirty people quietly socializing and enjoying each other’s company. I could not be more wrong! When I pulled into the parking lot there were no spots available and people were buzzing around having a wonderful time. There was a jazz band playing, delicious barbeque food displayed, wine tasting, drinks available and the list goes on. If I could describe the atmosphere in one word I would say joyful. Everyone looked like they were having a fantastic time!


I went up to Antoinette to say hi and she greeted me with her signature red locks and a giant smile. All the ladies who worked at the salon had on matching outfits, perfectly coiffed hair and beautiful makeup. If was very evident to see these ladies invested a lot of time and effort into making this event as wonderful as possible. That speaks volume on not just the salon, but also their work ethic. Work hard, play hard! Am I right??!


As the evening progressed on, Antoinette spoke a few words of gratitude and introduced the other women who worked beside her and supported her on this journey of success. I am all for #girlbosses and Antoinette has done a great job at making a name for herself in Rochester.


Salon Eleganza specializes in women’s, men’s and children’s hair design. They also offer makeup application and waxing services. Their mission is “to bring more bling into your life”. Many of the ladies working specialize in different fields and are always staying on top of the latest trends.

What is it like when you first visit the salon? When you enter the salon, a receptionist will greet you and offer you something to drink while you wait to be called back. There is a small display by the window of different varieties of jewelry, all being offered at affordable prices. To your right you will find a small room with all kinds of unique boutique items. Side Note: The white mirror is not for sale. (It SO cute and I always try to buy it when I go in, no success as of yet J ) There is another room a little farther down on the right and that is specifically for waxing.


Once your name gets called you will be taken around the corner and sat down at the table where you will discuss with your hairdresser what you would like to see accomplished at this appointment. The salon is very family friendly and orientated with a warm atmosphere.


If you have seen my locks lately, Michele has been my go to girl. One thing I love about Michelle is that she tells me how much my services are going to cost. Have you ever gone to the counter to pay for your hair and the manager has to come by and pick up your jaw off the floor because the bill is outrageous? I have been there. Not with Michele. She is in the business to make life long clients not just a hefty sum of money by the end of the day. To me that is the most important part. I want a hairdresser that understands my style AND respects the fact we all work hard for our money. Communication is key and she always understands that.



If you are in the business of looking for a new salon or just interested in seeing what Salon Eleganza has to offer, take a look on their website, You will find full details and pricing of what the salon has to offer. Many of my friends and family members have frequented the salon and I would never recommend anything I did not fully love. 


Are you someone who has been to the salon before? I would love to hear what you loved about your visit. Leave me a comment below!



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