Anniversary Night

The hubby and I celebrated our anniversary Sunday night at The Cheesecake Factor. Six years ago we promised to stand by each others side regardless of what life would bring us and that promise sure has been put to the test. As crazy as the last six years have been, hard and trying, I would do it all over again. Tim is my rock and best friend and such a strong support. If I could give one peice of advice to any ladies who have not found the on yet, it would be not to settle. Stay patient bwcaus there are amazing men out there. :)

I have a shoe and purse obsession. If one catches my eye, I am immediately pondering what outfits I can pair with it. This bag from Handbag-Addict is not only an eye catcher but has enough space to fit all the things a mom would need. I still have little ones so a diaper bag is needed however I like to upgrade mine and have something more stylish. This bag is sturdy, fashionable, and easy to pair with almost any outfit. I choose the salmon color, however there are multiple colors to choose from.

To say I am kind of obsessing over this dress is slightly an understatment. I can wear this as a dress in the summer, a tunic in the fall and winter, and pair it with some leggings in the spring. Its comfortable, cute and super light weight. It can even be worn as a maternity top for all my pregnant mamas. Our meal Sunday was a major carb overload and this dress hid any food baby bumb that may have been forming post dinner. I would never promote or share an outfit I did not love and this dress by far is one of my favorites. All the details of this outfit are listed below:

Gray Monroe Dress

Stitched Satchel Bag

Grey Open-Toe Booties