My Versona Style

Monday. This love hate relationship I have with you is really killing me. I had the most wonderful week and weekend away with family and am now coming down off of that high and it is not easy to say the least.Thank goodness bachelor is on tonight. Does anyone else have the same guilty pleasure as I do?! The drama is so ridiculous yet I cannot get enough.

Anyways, I found this dress on the sale rack at the cutest boutique called Versona. The only way to describe the feel of it would be to call it cotton silk. Makes no sense right? I know, but needless to say it feels like I am walking around in pajamas. If you have a Versona store nearby and have never been I encourage you to check it out. I brought my toddler with me and if you’re a mama who has to shop with children we all know how that goes. Knocked over displays, playing hide and seek and squealing with excitement. I am sure they were happy to see us leave.

If you have ever seen Kristin Cavallari shoe line, your eyes may drool with infatuation. However my budget does not always allow me to purchase her shoes. I had been eyeing a pair of grey open toe booties for several months when I found an almost identical pair on Price difference $110! Now I know exspensive shoes usually mean better quality but these $30 boots are so comfy and will last several seasons!


The statement necklace was a steal for $4. Lulu’s had a killer sale with free shipping that day so i was all over that deal! I tend to go for the more softer and delicate look, so this necklace made me reach out of my comfort zone. I am glad i did. Ok, Motherhood is calling  and I need to tend to my little minions. Enjoy the rest of your evening. Details of where to shop the look are below.

XOXO Brianna

Button Down Tunic

Open Toe Booties

Statement Necklace