3 Ways to Style a Camisole

Happy Humpday! I want to start sharing one article of clothing every week with you that is not only a staple in your closet, but also something that is versatile. I am starting with this camisole because I love the fit and v-neck style. I will link all the clothes at the bottom if you feel like doing a little mid week online shopping.

My favorite way to style a cami is with a cardigan. I feel like you can never go wrong with it and it is such a timeless and classic look. Instead of just tucking the shirt into my pants, for a different look I twisted the bottom of the shirt and tucked it into my pants creating more of a cinched look. You can also pair a scarf with the cardigan for cooler temperatures or to add a pop of more design. P.S. my shoes are under $30 and so cute. Major sale!

I wore this outfit to church on Sunday. I blame it on binge watching designated survivor and my desire to work in law enforcement. Side note: I have a degree in Criminal Justice and someday hope to use it. Technically I use it every day keeping my kids from beating each other up but maybe someday I will actually get a paycheck with it. :) Every woman needs a blazer in her closet whether it be fitted or oversized. Blazers will ALWAYS, ALWASY be a timeless article of fashion.


I have to say I absolutely love the highwasited trend and hope it stays around for a long time. This cami was so easy to tuck into my pants and I love the v neck style that is not low. These pants are only $13 an I will link them below. They have high reviews and are so, so cute. A similar style is linked here. Nantucket Pant.

Hats and Dry Shampoo. Forever fooling society. I love a good hat, especially in the colder months and now that I have kids my hair takes seconds place. I feel like the hat with this outfit gives it more of a polished look.

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