Forever Young BBL Treatments

Happy Friday! Its been a long week and as always I am so happy to see Friday roll its pretty little face through. You guys have seen me share all about my treatments I have been receiving at Rochester Dermatology Associates of Rochester, and I am compilling all my pictures and information below about my experience….and let me just say it is a good one!

I have been a patient at this facility for over 15 years. When I struggled with acne as a teen and dry skin into my early twenties I would visit this office, but never thought someday I would be receiving treatments to fix sun damage. If you get nothing else out of this post please, please wear sunscreen every day. I would hear that for years and would ignore everything the doctors would say because a golden glow seemed better. Well that golden glow diminishes after s few weeks and instead leaves behind ugly little reminders from the sun aka red spots and damage.

In January The Center of Aesthetics and Anti Aging held a fire and ice open house event. Any one was welcomed to attend the event and see live demonstrations being held so further educate themselves about services offered and get a first hand real look of what goes into these procedures. I had a BBL treatment performed and was able to chat with the visitors during the procedure to let them know what it felt like, if any pain was associated ,etc. It was a great time and I was even able to watch cool sculpting being done. Something I would love to do in the future.

BBL Treatments

For the past six months I have been receiving Forever Young BBL Laser treatments from the center. What is a BBL Laser?

“BBL is short for broad-band light. The treatment delivers light energy that penetrates both the skin’s outer and deeper layers. These underlying layers are where most of the skin’s aging occurs, and BBL is the only device that precisely targets the molecules associated with aging. Forever Young BBL can also help prevent damage and keeps your skin looking radiant and youthful.”

I have been working along side Dr. Weitz in correcting my skin. We are working on minimize pores, acne scars, wrinkles/fine lines and brown/red spots. I am BLOWN away at how much this laser treatment has cleared up my face. My freckles, although cute but are still sun damage are almost entirely gone along with underlying red areas. According to my Visia pictures (see below) my UV Spots and Brown Spots underneath the skin have improved along with my wrinkles.

My experience with the facility has been so amazing since I first walked in the door in September. I have been treated with such respect and friendliness and have had every single questions answered along the way. And believe me there has been a lot! Dr. Weitz calmed all my fear I had with working with the lasers and took as much tine as I needed to feel comfortable and move on.

So is there pain associated with it? That is the common question I get asked. The answer is: it depends. Every person holds a different pain threshold. My first appointment I was terrified! However Dr. Weitz put the laser on a lower level and we started off slow. With each treatment he has increased, always making me feel comfortable. To me it feels like little pinches or zaps on your skin. We apply a gel and I use a cooling fan and that helps very much with easing an type of discomfort. Some areas you feel a zap stronger than others in sensitive areas such as around the lips and some places like the forehead you barely feel it. It is very tolerable. The most comfortable? No, but thats what massages are for. :) There is always the option of numbing gel if you do not want to feel anything on your face.

The best part I have seen so far? Dr. Weitz is all about the results. For him this is more than just a business, these are people he is dealing with and that shows throughout his work by his courtesy for others, attention to detail, and professionalism. How many times do you hear others complain about doctors spending little to no time with them in the office? Over and over, and I can gladly say this facility is here for the right reasons.

I will be receiving my last BBL laser Treatment on Wednesday. This will be my fifth treatment. I will do another blog post in March with my final results and pictures as we have tracked this process from start to finish. I have been so, so happy with every step of the way and if I can answer any other questions please feel free to ask! I have attached some photos below to view of the progress so far.

This photo is taken prior to any treatment AND with full coverage make on. You can see how my dark spots/freckles are very visible along my nose and above my lips.

This photo is taken prior to any treatment AND with full coverage make on. You can see how my dark spots/freckles are very visible along my nose and above my lips.

These photos are taken with a Visia machine and show sun image, sun spots, wrinkles, skin texture etc.

Absolutely no touch up on any freckles or red spots.

Absolutely no touch up on any freckles or red spots.