Freegrance Giveaway

I am so excited to share with you a company that is doing amazing things! A few weeks ago they reached out to me and asked if I would partner with them. It only took about 2 seconds of reading the website before I messaged them back with a giant YES! I have a special place in my heart for human trafficking and finding an organization to help bring it to an end one woman at a time makes me so happy.

So what is freegrance? Their vision is to help women vulnerable to human trafficking by helping them start businesses and bring their products to market under the Freegrance brand.


"Imagine you are a single mom living in a small village in the developing world.You have very limited education and few marketable skills, but that does not really matter because there are no job opportunities for you any way. You have been able to scrape by but your children are getting older and you are having trouble feeding them. Every night you listen to them cry themselves to sleep from hunger."

Many of these women leave their children with a family member and go into the city to find work. However the "work" that is available is not what they expected it to be. After going several days without food and no work, they are approached for a job that will privide money for their family. That job however is becoming a prostitute. With no other option the women agree to comply. 

 The only way to get women like these out of the sex industry is to replace their income. Freegrance Products was launched to give women an option beyond selling their bodies. Freegrance is helping them start businesses and produce products. Starting businesses and bringing products to market costs money so freegrance has committed to using 40 percent of our profits to accomplish this goal.

You can change lives simply by purchasing any of the quality products in their store. When you make a purchase from Freegrance you are making an investment in women.

Take a few minutes and visit their site, EVERYTHING is dicounted this weekend and you can make a difference in these womens lives. We are SO,SO incredibly blessed in our lives. Lets take a few minutes and share those blessings with others. If you have not entered the giveaway, check out my Instagram page and enter to win the crossover bag and bar of soap pictures below! Enjoy your labor day weekend!


XOXO Brianna