"Your Tea"

Over the past several weeks I have been doing a cleanse from "Your Tea". I had been thinking of going on some type of detox but was not sure which one to try since there are so many out there. Your tea contacted me at the perfect time and I was so eager to try!

Like many people are of new products, I was very skeptical at first. How would a tea detox my body? Would it make me sick? Could I stick with it? These were the typical questions that ran through my head, as I was reading through the introduction packet.

I was very impressed with how well structured and organized this box and the contents inside were. I could tell right away that the company had put a lot of thought and effort into preparing this box and making it perfect for every indiviudal.

Inside the contents contain morning,afternoon, and dinner teas. There is also an 8 day probiotic tea that follows your cleanse. If you know me, then you know I am all about my probiotics, so I love the after cleanser teas.

My Experience: Every experience is going to be different depending on the person. You are required to have the tea three times a day either before or after your meal. It is also a great idea to change your diet for the duration of the cleanse so your body can rid any toxins in your system. The first few days I struggled to remain consistent with drinking my teas. Just like any new change, it takes your body and minds some time to adjust. I did not experience very much stomach discomfort, but I could tell the first couple days that my body was trying to adjust itself. Almost like the end of a sickness where you can tell your system is trying to find the new norm. After a few days that feeling went away and I could tell I was starting to become clearer headed. I felt like I had more energy, less headaches, less body aches due to stress and more importantly less bloating. I believe my diet and drinking fluids made a big impact with this as well as it helped my system flush out what was not needed. Overall I enjoyed the cleanse very much and enjoyed the taste of the tea. I think it would be a great recommendation to anyone who would like to kick start their body into a healthier life!

XOXO Brianna

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