Baby Ford Reveal

Earlier this year Tim and I had discussed growing our family. We knew Mercy would turn 3 in September and thought the summer may be a good time to start trying for baby #3. He was readier than I was. Correction: He is STILL more ready than I will ever be. At least one of us should be right? (insert sarcastic face emoji) Well any woman trying to conceive will tell you that as soon as she can, she will go out and buy a bunch of pregnancy tests and pray to see those positive results. I of course didn’t want to wait and started taking them about a week and a half early. Sure enough, there was the slightest double pink line. So I told my husband I needed to grab a few things from the store, snuck out and bought a bunch more. Funny side note: While cashing out at the register, the cashier asked me if this was a surprise or if I was trying. I am glad she asked myself and not another woman because we all know that is the number one question you DON’T ask a stranger. I took another test the next morning and those lines were an even darker shade of pink and I knew without a shadow of a doubt, God has blessed us with another sweet little child to call our own. 


Brooklynne (our first born) came as a compete surprise, so Tim and I found out together I was pregnant when I took a test. When I found out I was pregnant with Mercy I waited a few weeks and told Tim on Christmas eve. As soon as I knew I was pregnant with this baby I started thinking of ways to tell my hubby. To be totally honest I was stumped. It was the end of July and I couldn’t come up with any idea that I loved that I thought were original. I believe it was a Tuesday when we were talking together on the couch and I just couldn’t keep it in any longer so I told him. “Babe, I am pregnant.” He looked at me and said, “I know”. Shocked I asked him how he had any idea and he replied that I smelled different. (Is that not the most odd response?!) He went on to say that after 8 years together he knows me well enough and he could tell there was something different and he just knew. Well any element of surprise was completely off the table at that point. The next step was to tell the girls. I had all these visions of how it would go down and how sweet it would be. I was going to record a video of two little blissful girls that had just realized they were going to get a sibling. Well lets just say blissful is not exactly the word I would use to describe their response...

Mercy was clearly more interested in licking the frosting off! You cannot blame a three year old for that, I would have the same response if my sister took that long. This pregnancy has been the roughest, physically for me so far. I had severe moving sickness for the first 17 weeks, which required medication around the clock, and some days that did not even work. THANK GOD, it has finally left me and I have my energy back at 21 weeks. Poor Tim had work all day, come home and make dinner and take care of the kids while trying to attend to myself in bed. Lets not even discuss the house for those 3 months. But the past is in the past, hallelujah!

At our 19 week appointment we got to see our growing babe and had them put the results of the gender in an envelope. The envelope sits in our filing cabinet where honestly neither one of us has even been tempted to look. As an adult there are so few surprises in life, I didn't want to let this one pass me by. So I am just a giddy little kid, patiently counting down the days until Thanksgiving morning where I can wake up the family and we all open the envelope together. The house has become divided: half are team boy, the other half are team girl. SO EXCITED to see!

If you could keep our little babe in your prayers, our ultra sound visit went over an hour long and we had a doctor come in and discuss the baby's kidney. One was slightly larger than it should be. They reassured us this was not a major deal, a lot of times the kidney grows and corrects itself but if after the baby is born, and it is still larger than it possibly will have kidney dysplasia and require surgery. The odds are very, very low for that to happen according to what they say, however the possibility is still there so we would love your prayers that everything is normal when the baby is born. Thank you and we cannot wait to upload the next video of what little baby Ford will be!!