Giving with Aftershokz

You know when you are super excited to go for a long run or go work out at the gym? You pump yourself up so much only to get super frustrated because your headphones hurt your ears after 5 minutes of wearing them or they won’t stay in your ears at all. Well, I’ll let you in on a little secret I have. AFTERSHOKZ!


I have teamed up with AfterShokz to share about the softest, lightweight headphones to wear. If you haven’t heard about them yet, let me be the one to change your whole outlook on headphones. These headphones use a unique open-ear design and bone conduction technology to listen to your music. They don’t even go in your ears. I was pleasantly surprised at how lightweight they were on your head and do not press against your temples. I can barely even tell I am wearing anything. You can listen to your music AND be able to hear what’s going on around you all at the same time! As a mom of three I love this feature as it allows me to still be aware of what is going on in the background. They are the lightest and most organically designed open ear headphones to date.


I am helping them spread holiday cheer with their #GiveGoodVibes promotion and campaign. On Black Friday they will be offering with any purchase of Trekz Air headphones a Buy One, Gift One offer special. From November 23rd to November 26th, with every order of Trekz Air or Trekz Titanium placed through, you will receive (while supplies last) one opened box of Trekz Titanium Gray to gift.


Take a peep at my instagram for a chance to win your own pair of Trekz Titanium!!

Check out the sale here!


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Fall Style featuring Venus

Its officially fall season! My favorite time of the year. I am a little sad to see summer go but I love all the activities of fall along with fall fashion. My favorite time of year to dress. Give me all the chunky sweaters, scarves and hats please!

I teamed up with Venus today to share with you some of my favorite fall pieces from their collection. I absolutely love everything I picked out and every item is so comfortable. I was able to run errands with all three kids in all of these items so that should be a good sign that they are not only comfortable but very versatile.

As a busy mom on the go it is important to me to find clothes that are not just a current trend but are also comfortable to wear for any occasion. Between working, church, errands, play dates, etc. I need to know what I am wearing will not only be good quality but last me from sun up to sun down.

I have been a fan of Venus for many decades. I can still remember as a young girl my mom receiving magazines in the mail and flipping through them just waiting for the day I could order from there myself (they have been in business for over 35 years). Now I AM the mom of three ordering clothes for myself! Crazy how fats time flies.

While browsing the site I was specifically looking for fall colored clothing to update my fall wardrobe. I fell in love with the green cardigan as soon as I saw it. Something about those brass buttons just popped out to me and looked so unique! I love pairing green and tan together so additionally when I found the clutch I knew I wanted to create an outfit together. The clutch has a removable strap, so you can create two different looks depending on your occasion.

Booties are a fall staple and up until I received this pair I had no grey booties! Crazy I know because every woman should have that staple color in their wardrobe since it can pair so nicely with almost every color. This specific pair is so easy, your foot just slides right in. No zipper to mess with, which I love because you never have to worry about the zipper breaking.

The three sweaters were all basic fall colors and I think I have to say the burnt orange is my favorite. The back detail is so pretty. Business in the front party in that back is the saying right? :)

All of the items listed below that I ordered were true to size. I recommend reading through the reviews online if you are uncertain of any items as there are many helpful reviews written, along with pictures that can assist with any sizing questions. Feel free to reach out to me with any questions of your own!

Venus has so many great options to choose from including dresses, workwear and swim suits. I only touched on just a small portion of what they have to offer. You can find their entire line listed here. VENUS


Wrap Stitch Detail Bootie:


Hardware Detail Clutch:


Tab Button Detail Cardigan:



Button Back Detail Sweater:


Ribbed Peplum Sweater:

Outfit Details linked below:

Button Back Detail Sweater:

Ribbed Peplum Sweater:

Tab Button Detail Cardigan:

Hardware Detail Clutch:

Wrap Stitch Detail Bootie:

Striped Sweater:

Fall Sweater Collection


Brianna Lynne

p>This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of VENUS. The opinions and text are all mine.

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2018

Hi friends and Happy Wednesday! In just a few shorts days the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale will open to the public. There are sooooo many good things on sale and I browsed through and found some of the best basics for fall and winter. I tried to find the most pieces that could be worn multiple times and styled different ways so you could get the most bang for your buck! The majority of the items are priced very affordably for the sale, but make sure you buy what you want ASAP once the sale is live because they will sell out crazy fast. It happens every year. The sale starts THIS FRIDAY, and if you are shopping online (which I recommend for those must have items) the sale starts early in the morning so be ready to set you alarm clocks. Take a peek below at some of the staple items I reccoemnd. 





Let me know what your favorites are and what you will be putting in your shopping cart!! Feel free to ask any questions you may have!



Brianna Lynne

I'd walk the line...only in comfy shoes

Happy Friday Friends! Love when the weekend rolls around. It has been a crazy couple weeks over here with the new baby. He has had some minor health issues so we have been going to lots of doctor appointments and I have been recovering (third baby has been the hardest) but everything has been looking good and we are so thankful for it. I am ready to get into a new routine of life and adjust. Whatever that looks like. :)


I took the kids for our first walk yesterday around the college next to us and it felt so good to be outside. Has the weather around you been crazy? We are suppose to get snow on Sunday AGAIN!! Where is global warming? If that is a thing, it would be great for it to come our way a little. We need some heat waves around here. :)

This Spring and Summer our family will be doing a lot of walking. I still have 4 weeks left before I can technically work out again post baby, so I will be walking as much as possible to burn off this leftover baby fat, or should I say baby love. I do not have very good arches so shoes right now are so important as I recover. In the pictures shown I am wearing shoes from the Revere line. Revere shoes are high quality comfort footwear for all seasons and any occasion. They have a wide variety of shoes to choose from, all created to provide comfort. They are not just exclusive to women as they have a mens line as well. 

The shoes I am wearing are called Rhodes Ballet Flats and come in two different colors. Champagne, which is what I am wearing and also in black. I liked that the style was one that I could just throw on with a pair of jeans and head out that door. That is the season of life I am in, always seem to be rushing out the door so I need my shoes and clothes to be able to keep up.

Most people will tell you a good pair of shoes in worth investing in. This statement could not be more true! I would love to hear about some of your favorite styles you are seeing this spring! Shoot me a comment below!




It's the final countdown....

Happy Friday Friends! So how many of you were humming that song as you read the title? It is pretty accurate. I had my doctor appointment yesterday and I am officially full term! I can't believe that in a few short weeks we will become a family of five. EEEKKKK! Exciting but slightly nerve racking. Good thing moms have super human skills. Am I right, or am I right? :)


I know there are many mamas who follow along on my social channels  and I am so thankful for your support! I have been sharing some baby products that I love and I wanted to leave you over the weekend with some products that I cannot wait to use and know will make life a little bit easier once the little babe is here. 


I have heard so many wonderful things about DockATot. When I found out I was pregnant this was the very first item I knew that I wanted for baby Ford! The multi-functional purpose was everything I knew I needed for baby number three and it also works perfect as a playtime lounger. 
The DockATot is available in two sizes (Deluxe for 0-8 Months, Grand 9-36 months) so as your baby grows, their favorite sleeper grows with them. Any parent knows that once they find a good product you never let it go! So this sleeper will be perfect to transition to a larger size once baby needs it. The material is 100% natural cotton and also has interchangeable covers, so you can add variety into baby's room decor. This will be used every day I can tell you that!


Here is a link for $10 off your own Dockatot ----> Click Here


The next item I want to share is the Ollie Swaddle. First off, how sweet is this little box that it comes in? I love the vintage woodland theme on top. I love when a product catches your eye the moment you see it from package to product.

My first born hated being swaddled but we HAD to swaddle our second baby or else she would not sleep at night. I knew I wanted to find a swaddle that would not only be resourceful but also safe for baby. The Ollie Swaddle is made from custom moisture-wicking material to reduce the risk of overheating, which I love because it is one less thing to worry about.

The swaddle also can be custom fit to meet the needs and size of each little one. It also has
easy access to diaper changes through the opening at the bottom. Another win for late nights when you are barely awake. The one size promotes ease with transitional stages, so as baby grows you do not have to replace the product and buy something new. Here's to more sleep at night!


Click HERE for 10% off all Ollie Products from their site.


This item is really cool. It is called a Binxy baby. It is a hammock for baby and carseat. I remember being a first time mom and going grocery shopping for the very first time. I put the car seat in the shopping cart, only to look down and realize there was absolutely no room for the groceries!! It was slightly comical but defeating because the whole reason I came out was to buy groceries and now I had to carry them in my hands?! It did not make sense. The binxy baby allows you to place the baby in the hammock while still leaving plenty of room underneath for items in your shopping cart. Pure genius!

The binxy baby fits most standard grocery store carts. As you can see in the pictures below I tried it out on the target cart, because that is the cart I use the most with my girls. 
When the baby is still little and stays in the car seat, the binxy will work great because the hammock supports up to 50 pounds in weight. You can use it for babies up until 6-8 months old or until they sit up on their own. I have never actually seen this used by any other moms besides on social media so I am excited to be the first to try it out! Plus they have so many cute designs to choose from.


Click HERE for 10% off all Binxy Products


Last item I want to share is about home decor. Lorena Canal Rugs are a newer to me brand, but I have been so happy with the quality of the rugs. The specific rug that I ordered was called Bereber Beige. Want to know the best part? All the rugs and cushions are machine-washable and fit into a standard washer and dyer. Lets just let that soak in for a minute. :) With children, that is pretty much the golden ticket. My rug is such a thick sturdy material unlike so many other rugs I have seen. I feel as if rug shopping can be very tedious and time consuming because all materials are so different, but I highly recommend this brand.
Lorena Canal Home collection is for adult spaces and kids rooms. It was also picked by Vogue as a top baby product for celebrity nurseries. The rugs contain all natural dyes and are handmade, PLUS proceeds are donated to provide schooling for children in India. I am sold! Great product that also helps support others. 


We are slowly putting together baby's nursery and I hope you enjoyed a little sneak look into some items that are going to be used on the regular once this baby comes. We are so excited and cannot wait to put these to use. As always thank you for joining along in this journey with us!



My Favorite Ulta Beauty Products

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! My family and I sure did. The hubs and I went to the Dave Crowder Band Concert last night and it was amazing! Seriously if you ever have the opportunity to go see them, do it! We were blown away by their talent, just unreal!

So today kicked off a crazyyyy week for me. Just thinking abut all I have to accomplish this week has given me a little anxiety because I am not sure how I will fi tit all in, but one amazing super power women have is multi tasking so I am sure I will figure it out. Or go into survival mode. Either one!

Today I wanted to talk a little about some of my favorite beauty products that I grab when I am at Ulta Beauty. I love to try new items, however when I find something I've like I tend to stick with it. So I want to share a few new favorites and a few old. Before I do that if you are a NYC gal you are in luck because Ulta Beauty is having a GRAND OPENING in Manhattan at 86th and 3rd this coming Friday 11/10 and runs through Sunday. The first 100 guests in line EACH DAY receive a Beauty Treat valued at $5-$100 AND 10% off a first salon or facial appointment! Doors open at 9am so the sooner you can be there the better! 


So lets talk eyes! I recently tried this new Lancome eyeliner and I am hooked. It has such an easy blend when applying and dries super fast. It lasts all day and does not smudge if I accidentally rub my eyes. I also tried this mascara for the first time, Benefits "They're real". I liked using this mascara for length in conjunction with an old time favorite mascara of mine. A few months ago I tried the Too Faced brand mascara, "Better than Sex" and I think it is amazing for volume. I like to apply the volume mascara first and then the lengthening mascara. Still with me? :) I like to mix and match products so you may see that a bit. 


Lets talk face. I received this advanced night repair serum a few weeks ago and I was so excited to try it out. I apply it after cleansing my skin and prior to moisturizing it. It helps prevent signs of aging and if you go to Ulta Beauty's website the reviews are very high. Im talking 5 stars high. This serum is on the pricier end point but I believe it is important to invest in your skin and take care of it now, so you don't have to pay extra on procedures when we are older. For foundation I love Urban Decays Naked Foundation and Taste brands blonder and blush. 

It was not until recently that I started to really love lipstick. I was a lip gloss gal for so many years but lipsticks can dress up any outfit and make a bold statement. I feel as if I need to make up for lost time. Buxom is definitely my number one for gloss hands down. Super shiny and has a peppermint smell to it. I also am a huge fan of the Urban Decay lipsticks. They glide on so smoothly and the pigment last for hours. Urban Decay is one of my top favorite makeup lines, so I highly recommend any of their products. 


Honestly, there are so many goodies I could sit here all day and share them. These are just a few of my top favorites. You can click on the links below that will take you to all the products I am currently using and loving. 


This is a sponsored post in partnership with Ulta Beauty and Her Campus Media. All words and opinions are my own

Pink Blush Fall Maternity Style

Happy Hump Day! Can you believe October is almost to an end? After Halloween the holidays seem to just fly by and I will be the first to admit I cannot wait for all things Thanksgiving and Christmas. All day yesterday I was thinking of Black Friday and I wish I could see all the ads already. Am I crazy?! I like to think just way excited!

As much as I love the holiday time I do not want to rush fall by any means. I love everything about fall and this year I seem to be enjoying it so much more. The weather here in New York has been perfect and I want it to linger as long as possible. 


This maternity dress from Pink Blush has instantly become my new favorite. I love that fact I can pair it was a cardigan and some booties or for a more sophisticated look, add some pumps to it. 

There is plenty of stretch material in the stomach for me to grow and the floral colors and patterns are just perfection for this time of year. It also has a very flattering fit which can be so difficult when your pregnant. . Nowadays I feel as if everything I try on looks dreadful, so finding something I actually LIKE is rare! If you skin is or has been sensitive thanks to those added hormones, the texture and feel of this dress will be no problem. I am wearing a size small for reference. You can find this dress for under $60 right here.

The hubs and I are taking the girls to a harvest festival and I am trying to convince them to dress up like Elsa and Anna. If you see pictures in a few days then you now it was a success! :)






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Restricted Footwear

Happy Wednesday! Did you happen to catch my post Sunday Night?! If not, we are over the moon excited to announce we will be a family of 5 come March of next year! I am so excited to share my maternity style with you, We had not announced my pregnancy yet when I took these photos so I tried my best to hide the belly. Thankfully this shirt made it a little easier with its design, however I still had to try and suck the belly in. Not easy when you are 3 months pregnant! 


I have been so excited to start wearing fall clothes. The weather dropped into the 60's a few weeks ago, but then climbed right back to the 80's. I know I shouldn't complain since we will be shivering in the snow in a few short months but booties and scarves are my favorite to wear! Booties are such a big trend this year but I need diversity and I am loving wedges this season as much as last. They are so easy to walk in and add the cutest fall touch to any outfit. 


These specific wedges from Restricted Shoes  called West Gate, are so comfortable to walk in and match almost every outfit that I have. The deep olive green color can be paired with denim or black leggings and the wedge style gives an alternative appearance compared to a block heel. I wore these shoes the other day and walked in them for hours and my feet did not hurt at all. One of the many reasons I love a wedge, stylish and comfortable. 

These shoes are worth every pay spent, but I am a sucker for a good deal and was able to get a 25% off code just for my followers on any regular priced shoe. Use code "BLYNNE25" at check out. You can find the shoes directly by clicking here. Restricted Shoes has been a favorite brand of mine for years and I love that I have the opportunity to work for some amazing companies such as this one. Browse the site when you have a free minute, they have some adorable heels! For inquiries about the rest of my outfit, I have attached links below.




Falling into Fringe

Happy Thursday Friends! The weekend is here and I am so ready for it? I am not going to lie I am a little jealous of all my blogger friends going to fashion week, but I can not wait to see all the pictures. Everyone going will have a great time! Maybe next year I will make the trip but for this year I am focusing on other priorities. 


So lets talk fringe! To be totally honest at first I was not a fan of the fringe. Too much 90's for me and not enough millennial age. HOWEVER (notice thats a big however) once I tried the jeans on I instantly fell in love! This specific pair from pink blush is so incredibly comfortable and have a different style than the typical skinny jean which has been trending for a few years now. Anything a little different and off the beaten path I like. I decided to pair it with this floral bodysuit from tjmaxx and the sleeveless cardigan. I knew with the fringe detail on the bottom of the pants, my top needed to be fitted so the outfit could flow correctly together. If your weather has been anything like ours in New York, you need to have a sweater or some type of coverup during the nights and most days. This sleeveless cardigan is so soft and comfortable and perfect for that mid day weather where it starts to warm up and you feel yourself start to get really warm. Fall weather can be a tricky thing. Am I right? 


As we get closer to fall I would love to hear form you some different trends you are wanting to see? Or maybe want to know what trends are going to become more popular? Drop me a comment below and share with me your thoughts. I would love to hear your feedback! :)


Unfortunately my bodysuit and cardigan are sold out but I you can find my jeans on this site here //Pink Blush Maternity//. I will link my shoes and necklace because they are a staple in my wardrobe.



Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Tomorrow is the day! Public access (which means everyone who is not a card holder) will be able to shop the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. I have seen some goooood things and I (who am not a cardholder) will be able to grab some items that will be majorly discounted. The booties this year are super cute! 

So if you are like me, fashion and clothes are NOT a priority. It almost hurts to say that, hehe. My children and hubby are my priority and more often than not I find myself not having the budget for fashion like I once did when I was single. HOWEVER.....notice that is in caps, I still try my best to find affordable things that are currently trending and the best sales of all the things I am not  able to afford so I can still do what I love, Shopping! That was my desire for this blog, to help a sister out like me who is in the same boat! So I have rounded up some of the cutest things I have found from the sale that are under $50. Remember free shipping and exchanges if you need it. 

So go ahead and browse and if you love something put it on your wishlist. Nothing can be purchased tonight (from the sale unless you have a card) add it your wishlist, so come tomorrow morning you can add it to your shopping bag and check out. Word of advice? Check out first thing tomorrow. Items will be out of stock before you know it. You can click any links below!

Let me know if you have any questions!




Pink Blush

Happy Thursday! Summer vacation has started and we are in full summer mode. How many mamas have their kids home and are already pulling there hair out?! I am excited to sign my girls up for vacation bible school (as many as we can cram into this summer). What is everyones plan for the summer? Any fun vacations you are taking?

I had to share this ADORABLE maternity dress from pink bush that works if you are with child or not! If you are anything like me and enjoy pizza on the weekends (ok that is a lie, pizza everyday) Most days you can catch me sucking in my food baby and this dress is a judge free zone. Basically that means I can wear this with complete comfort and still look fashionable because how cute are these sleeves, I mean really? The straps are adjustable and the crochet and lace detail fall just in the perfect place creating a soft and dainty look to an already feminine dress.

I am not pregnant, however because this dress is maternity it is something that will stay in my closet until the time is right for us to add another bundle to our family. It also makes the perfect dress for maternity pictures and can be worn after the baby during those in-between stages where you are working that baby weight off. Any questions feel free to message or email me!






Dress || On sale for $38 || Shoes on Sale for $20 || Coordinate Necklace $52

Dress: Floral Pink Blush Dress // Bar Necklace: Brook and York // Sandals: Gladiator Sandals

Fathers Day Giveaway

Happy Tuesday! Fathers Day is quickly approaching and I do not know about you but I am having a hard time coming up with some ideas on what to get the hubby. What says, "Thank you for working so hard" and also "thanks for being the best husband I could ask for"? More importantly what is in our budget that I could buy for him that explains those attributes? Good thing my husband is easy to please! 

My husband, Tim recently received this watch in the mall and I have to say it arrived in such a beautiful and professional package. We were both impressed at how nice it looked upon opening the box. Tim is not typically a watch wearer but instantly was impressed with the appearance of this watch. It had a clean, crisp appearance to it while maintaining a modern edge. The face of the watch was very easy to read and the band features wood and stainless steel links. A very manly looking watch if I might add. :)

I have a Jord watched that I received from last year, so I love that the hubby and I can wear them together and match. I think it is adorable, but ask a man his opinion and I am sure it will be another story. I have worked with many watch brands and I can say Jord by far is one of the most unique and original watches I have ever seen. Everything from the delivery of the watch to the appearance on the wrist, My husband and I were thoroughly impressed. You can find his exact watch right here. If you fall in love with a watch, tomorrow is the last day delivery will be guaranteed before fathers day. you can view all the mens watches here and all the women watches here.

If you are someone looking for that perfect gift to spoil daddy with this year, I have teamed up with Jord to give one special follower a $100 gift card to apply to ANY watch. Now I can almost hear some of you say, "but I never win anything!" NOT true! Everyone who enters the giveaway will automatically win a $25 gift card. All you have to do to enter is click the link here, and fill out your email address and you are entered into the drawing. Super simple. If you have any questions about the watches or how to properly size them, feel free to email me and I can help you the best I can. I can't wait to see who wins the grand prize!




AGAIN if you missed it....the giveaway link is located HERE

Basic Is Best: Cold Shoulder Top

Many of you may have heard that Nordstrom is having their half yearly sale and it has come at the perfect time for our Basic is Best series. This week I am featuring the Cold Shoulder trend and why having one of these tops or dresses should be making its way into your closet. 

One of my Favorite things about the Cold shoulder trend is that it is a versatile look. It takes your ordinary shirt and typical tank top and infuses them together to give you a modern 2017 take on traditional clothes. A cold shoulder top is something that is can be worn to pretty much any event and can even be worn in the office without leaving your appearance less than professional . It is also a great alternative for someone who is not comfortable exposing their shoulders or someone who would like a little more of a modest take on a bare shoulder top. 

The sale will be going until June 4th but sizes sell out within hours so if something catches your eye don't hesitate to grab it. It may not be there within the next hour. The great thing about Nordstrom is that they have free shipping and free returns so if you have any hesitation you can send it right back. They are one of my favorite retailers for that reason. 

There are over 14,500 items that are 40% off and I found a whole group of cold shoulders tops for under $30!! I added a few more items that fell in the cold shoulder category as well. Any questions feel free ton reach out!




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La La Lovely Boutique

Happy Humpday! Half way through the week and I feel like it is flying by as per usual. I always feel like there is never enough time in the day, and weeks just fly by. Do you feel the same. I have to make a conscious effort to slow myself down or else my whole life will fly by and I will miss making precious memories.


Speaking of memories, do you have a graduation, wedding, or event to attend and in need of a fancy yet comfortable dress? I have the perfect dress for you. This dress from La La Lovely boutique  is such a dainty dress that makes me feel girly and feminine all wrapped up into one. I absolutely love the take on these bell sleeves and the embroidered detail is just beautiful. Between the blush shade, sleeves and stitching details, I would say you have just about all the spring trends right here in this dress.


The fabric is super soft and has a slip lining underneath. All the basics are covered here. The best thing about this dress is that it can also be worn as a maternity top!! I love clothes that can be transitional. The hubby and I plan on expanding our family in the near future and I will for sure be pulling this top out when the time is ready. I wanted to keep my jewelry and shoes as neutral as possible to compliment the dress, not take away from the dress so I went with a tan shoe. La la Lovely has some amazing dresses besides this one, but if this dress catches your eye it is 15% off right now making it less than $50. I love everything about this dress and think that is a great price point for all the multiple uses you can get from this dress. I have attached all the links below for you to easily shop the look.





Dress: La La Lovely | Shoes: Charlotte Russe | Bracelets : Vintage Stamp Jewels


Basic is Best: Jumpsuits

Good Morning and happy Tuesday! I hope your week is off to a great start. I am really excited about this series I am doing, "Basic is Best" and I hope you are as well. It is my desire to be able to share some helpful tips wth you, in hopes to making your shopping experience a little easier and more budget friendly. Did you know that you can click on any of the pictures and it will take you right to the link where you can purchase the outfit? Technology has made online shopping such a breeze!

I have a busy week so I am going to jump right into things and tell you why jumpsuits are the best! Whoever brought the trend back I am so thankful! I think jumpsuits can be such a trendy fun look and with the right material super comfortable. The number one key to finding the right jumpsuit is SHAPE, SHAPE, SHAPE! If the jumpsuit you are looking at does not have a cinched waist, belt, or tie around it.......put it down! Why they even make them that way is beyond me, but it will give you no shape and look unflattering. Again just like the maxi a flattering material to look for would be rayon. Rayon can be soft and allow a soft flow/fall to the material but I suggest going with a thicker material. Thin material in the right light sometimes is not a woman's best friend.  :(

So how to find the right one for each body?

Petite: Look for a high neck collar as this can elongate your torso and create the illusion of added height. The edge of the pants should lay right above the ankle and should fit nice and snug. Pairing the jumpsuit with heels that have thin straps allows the outfit to flow, not directing the eye to any one specific spot.

Tall/Slender: Being thin and tall has its perks but also can easily lose shape in an outfit. I love the look of a sweetheart jumpsuit. This draws your eye to the sweetheart neckline added some dimension to the outfit. Always look for a fitted or cinched waist so the jumpsuit does not appear as just a simple onesies. Onsies are for kids for a reason, they lack shape! A traditional skinny leg typically always look best on a jumpsuit, but if you love a good retro look a wide leg jumpsuit is perfect for the office!

Curvy: I had someone tell me, "I don't look good in a jumpsuit. I just can't make it look right." WRONG! You can, you just need to find the right one. Make sure the waist is fitted. Next, if you are feeling insecure find a suit that distracts your eye and brings it to a specific spot. Off the shoulder, one sleeve, and lace typically draws your eye first. Lastly the pants portion needs to be fitted (not snug) and tapered at the bottom. 

Shoes?? Think simple. The jumpsuit is already a fashion statement in itself, the shoes should compliment the look. I love the look of a thin strappy heel, that elongates the leg and gives the appearance of added height. If you prefer flats, I would try not to pair it with anything lace up, as this may cause too much distraction at the end of the pant preventing the flow from pant to shoe. Simple neutral colors.


I listed several suggestions below that hopefully will catch your eye. If you have any questions, or want a second opinion on another outfit shoot me an email at or send me a DM on Insta, @savvygirlsstyle. I would love to help any way I can!




Best Jumpsuits for Tall, Slender Women

Best Jumpsuits For Curvy Women

Best Jumpsuits for Petite Women


Basic is Best: Maxi Style

Hey pretty lady! I hope you are having a wonderful Monday. This week is my birthday week and I will turn 29 on Friday. My last year in my twenties! It is crazy to think about since I feel forever 22. I am starting to understand when people say "age is just a number". I don't have any plans yet, I am hoping my hubby takes care of that part! :)

So this month, I am so excited to kick off the series "Basic is Best". I came up with the idea when I realized my entire closet was turning into a giant floral party and all the basic essentials were dwindling down. I love florals, they are super trending right now but sometimes they can be hard to match with other outfits. I felt like I was buying more accessories and pieces to make an outfit, rather than utilizing what I already had. 

So each week I will be showcasing one must have item in every woman's closet, multiple ways to style it and how to shop for the perfect fit. This week I am featuring the Maxi.

Maxis are a must, hands down! First off they can be incredibly comfortable (if you have the right fabric) are easy to style and can be worn to every occasion. A Maxi can be worn through almost every season (not sure how they would look in winter boots though) and are flattering on every body type. 

How to Find the Perfect Maxi

1.) Finding the right fabric: We all know some material is forgiving and some material makes us look like we just ate a whole pizza. 100% cotton is not going to be your best friend in this situation. Unless you are 5'7 and 100 pounds with no hips, a tight fitting 100% cotton dress is not going to be comfortable, may not be flattering, and could possibly show all the dimples that were once cute on your baby bottom but not so much anymore. (Ugh they are so annoying, am I right?!) Look for a material that is labeled Viscose or Rayon. This material has a soft silk like feel while still being a thicker material. It also has a little bit of stretch to it as well, allowing a more flattering shape. Also look for a small percentage of spandex in the material. This adds a little bit of stretch to the material allowing the dress to flow and not lay so stiff on ones body. This dress I have featured here from PinkBlush is 94% Viscose 6% Spandex. It is perfection! So amazingly comfy and thick material, but not to thick for the warm weather.

2.) Finding the perfect color: So you have a maxi that can be worn to every occasion: church, wedding, date night, girls night, shopping, etc. What color works best? I love bright pops of color, however a bright coral dress is not a color that can be worn multiple times over and over again without being noticeable. White is always a classic look but white is not an all year round color so I would not advise that. When picking an article of clothing you would want to wear multiple times a month even week, always go neutral. Neutrals never go out of style and are the best color choice for pairing and accessorizing outfits. Personally I prefer a taupe color like I have featured. Taupe is a trending color right now and can be paired with almost every other color and is also a flattering color for every skin type. If you prefer dark colors black is always a good choice as well, but black dresses in the summer get so hot. That is the only downside to going with a full length black dress.

3.) Finding the perfect fit: Ok so this may be the most important part. When looking for a perfect maxi, DO NOT buy a dress with no shape to it. That is the quickest way to make a dress look unflattering on a woman .I have seen so many cute dresses in the store, but once I try them on they lay awkwardly because the material just sits on my hips. Look for a dress that has some type of cinching below the bust but above the hips. Make sure the cinching does not sit at the hips, as this could possibly make the hips appear larger. The cinching should lay right at the middle of your ribs so that the remainder of the dress can flow outward. Since each individual has a different sized torso then the next it is important to find the perfect fit for your body, so look for cinching that lays about 2-3 inches above your belly button.  


Styling your Maxi

3 simple ways to style:

// Pair it with a jean jacket ( as in above) for a casual look or give it an edgy look with a fitted leather jacket. It is important that the jacket is fitted since Maxi dresses have flow to them. Pairing the dress with a loose jacket can make the overall look appear unfinished and unpolished. //

// This is where color comes in, think color wheel! Find accessories that add some pop to the dress! You can add so many fun colors with a neutral dress (scarfs, hats, statement necklace). The possibilities are endless! //

// Knot the bottom! Interested in a different look? Knot the bottom of your dress to better showcase your shoes. This will add some diversity to the look and keep your dress from looking like the average maxi. //

                                   Stealing smooches from the babe!

                                  Stealing smooches from the babe!

I hope this gave you some new ideas and helpful hints for the next time you venture out to go shopping! If you have any questions feel free to email me or leave a comment. If you saw an item that caught your eye, I have linked all my items featured below. Also don't forget if you post on Insta or Facebook, tag @savvygirlsstyle so I can see how stunning you are! Happy May 1st!



Brianna Lynne


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// Dress: Pink Blush // Jacket: Nordstorm Rack // Shoes: Charlotte Russe // Necklace: Bauble Bar// Watch: Timex //